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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
socketa hollow place that you fit something into, like a socket for an electric bulb
sofaanother word for couch
soggydamp and heavy; very wet
soggydamp and heavy; very wet
soilloose earth. The same word also means to make something dirty
solarhaving to do with the sun
soldiera man in the army
solethe bottom of your foot or your shoe. The same word also means a kind of flat fish
solemnserious; very earnest
solidhard and firm all through, not hollow or liquid
solitaryalone; by yourself
solveto find the answer to something puzzling or difficult
solvencyability to pay debts
solventable to pay all debts
somea few; not all
somebodya person who is not named
someoneanother word for somebody
somersaultto go head over heels
somethinga thing not named
sometimeat a time not known
sometimesnot all the time; now and then
somewhatrather; a little
somewhereat an unknown place
sona male child of a father or mother
songwords and music together, which you sing. The same word also means the musical notes sung by birds
sonichaving to do with sound waves, as in sonic boom
soonin a short time
soota soft black powdery stuff which comes from burning wood or coal. It sticks to the inside of the chimney
sootheto calm someone down; to comfort
sorepainful when touched
sorrowunhappiness; sadness
sorryfeeling unhappy about something you have done, or something that has happened
sortto put together thing that belong together, kind of
soulthe invisible part of a person which is believed to live on after death
soundanything that can be heard
soupa liquid food made by boiling meat, vegetables or other foods together in water
sournot sweet tasting. Lemons taste sour
sourcethe beginning or starting place of something, like a stream or river
souththe direction opposite to north, on your right as you face the rising sun
sow(rhymes with no) to scatter seed over the ground or plant it in the ground
sow(rhymes with now) a female pig
spacea place with nothing in it. The same word is often used to mean the sky higher than aeroplanes can fly, where there is not even any air
spaceshipa special machine moved by rocket motors that can go far up into space to the moon and beyond
spadea tool used for digging in the ground
spanthe distance between the tip of you thumb and little finger when your hand is stretched out. The same word also means the length of anything from end to end
spanglea thin piece of shiny metal sewn on to a garment. Lots of spangles sewn on to a dress make it glitter and sparkle
spaniela kind of dog with a silky coat and long floppy ears
spannera tool for tightening or loosening nuts and bolts
spareto let something go. The same word also means extra. If you have tow copies of the same book, one of them is a spare copy
sparka tiny bit of something burning, that flies out of the fire

Learning Competency

Defining relative clause
When a clause defines the noun it qualifies it is known as a defining relative clause.