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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
seala fish-eating animal that can also live on land. The same word also means to close or fasten something, so that it cannot be opened without breaking the fastening
seama line where two pieces of material are joined together by sewing
seaplanean aeroplane that can take off from or land on the sea
searchto look everywhere for something
searchlighta very powerful beam of light that shows things clearly in the dark
seashellthe hard covering on some kinds of fish and sea animals
seasidea place by the sea, where you can go for your holidays
seasonspring, summer, autumn and winter are the four seasons of the year. The same word also means to add things like salt and pepper to food to improve the flavour
seasonablenatural to the season, timely
seata piece of furniture for sitting on
seaweedplants that grow in the sea
secondnext after first. The same word also means a measurement of time. There are 60 seconds in a minute
secondarynext after primary; second in importance
secretsomething known only to you or to a very few other people
secretarysomeone who writes or types business letters in an office
sectiona part or a piece of something
sectora part of circle between two radii, a mathematical instrument useful in making diagrams
securitysafety, confidence, protection, a guarantee, a surety
seeto use your eyes to look at something
seedthe part of the plant from which new plants grow
seekto look for
seemto appear, to look as if, feel as if, imagine
seizeto grasp and hold on to
seldomnot often
selectto choose
selfishthinking only of yourself, and not caring much about other people’ wishes
sellto give something in exchange for money
sementhe seed or fecundating fluid of male animals, sperm
semi-circlea half circle
senatethe legislative body in ancient Rome, the governing body of a university
sendto make a person or thing go somewhere
seniorsomeone who is older or more important than others
sensationa feeling
sensegood or right knowledge. The same word also means being able to tell what things are liked by testing, smelling, touching, seeing or hearing
senselessfoolish; without good sense. The same word also means not to be conscious of what is going on around you
sensiblewise; having good sense
sentencea number of words that make a complete thought when put together. The same word also means a punishment for breaking the law
sentrya solider who keeps guard
separablethat may be separated, capable of separation
separatenot joined together; divided
sergeantan officer in the army or police
seriala story or film that appears in parts and not all at onetime
seriesa number of things or events following one another in regular order
seriousnot foolish or making fun; deeply thoughtful. The same word also means causing worry, as when someone has a serious illness
serpentanother word for snake
servantsomeone who is paid to work in someone else’s house
serveto work for someone; to hand out food at meals; to sell things over the counter in a shop
serverone who or that which serves
setto put or dispose in a certain place of position, fix, appoint, estimate
setteea long seat with a back and arms, with room for several people to sit

Learning Competency

The verb shows time by changing its form. These forms are called tenses.