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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
labela small piece of paper of cardboard with writing or printing on it. You stick labels on such things as jars, boxes or luggage, so that you know what is inside
laboratorya room or building where scientific tests are carried out
labourhard work
lacea string used to fasten shoes. The same word also means material with a pretty pattern of holes
lackto be in need of something you have not got. If you are hungry, you lack food
lada boy
laddera set of wooden or metal rungs between two long pieces of wood or metal, used for climbing up or down
ladenloaded, burdened
ladlea spoon shaped like a small cup with long straight handle, used for serving soup or other liquids
ladyanother word for a woman
ladybirda tiny flying beetle, usually red with black spots
lagto follow along slowly behind others
laggardslow, sluggish, backward
laira wild beast’s den, a place to lie or rest
lakea very large pool of water with land all around it
lamaa priest of the variety of Buddhism in Tibet and Mongolia
lamba young sheep
lamenot able to walk easily because you have hurt your leg or your foot
lamentto express sorrow, to weep, to grieve, deplore
lamentationexpression of sorrow, grief
lampa light, usually in a glass container, like an electric light bulb
lampoonpersonal satire in writing a statiric attack
lancea long spear. The same word also means to cut open a boil so that the fluid can drain away
landthe parts of the earth that are not covered by water. The same word also means to come down from the air on to land or water
landingcoming back to land from the sea or air. The same word also means the floor at the top of the stairs
landladya woman who owns a house or flat where other people pay to live
landlorda man who owns a house or flat where other people pay to live
lanea narrow road, usually in the country
langugehuman speech or writing. The same word also means the speech used in different countries, such as the English language and the French language
lanterna metal and glass container for a candle or oil light. You can carry it about
lapthe top part of your legs when you are sitting down. The same word also means once around a racetrack
lapsea slipping, a slip, a failing in duty
larcha tree which has cones and long thin leaves like needles
lardfat from pigs, used in cooking
lardera room or cupboard where food is kept
largevery big
large heartedgenerous, liberal, munificent
larka small songbird. The same word also means a frolic
lashto hit someone with a whip; to tie up firmly
lassa girl
lastcoming at the end; after all others
latcha wood or metal fastening for a door or gate
latebehind time; not early
lathea machine for cutting and shaping pieces of wood and metal while they are being turned round
lathera foam made by using soap and water together
latitudescope, laxity, breadth, width
laughto make a noise to show you feel happy or think something is funny
launchto start something on its way, such as launching a ship into the water, or a rocket into the air. The same word also means a large open motorboat
laundrya place where dirty clothes are washed
laurela crown of distinction, honour

Learning Competency

Modal auxiliaries Vs Primary auxiliaries
Primary auxiliaries are be, do, have. They are used to form tenses and to frame short answers.
Modal auxiliaries are will, would, may, might, shall, should, can, could, must, dare, need, used, ought. They are used to express moods.