Definition Of Adjective:
Adjectives are words qualifying nouns or describing words. They qualify or describe nouns. They are called noun-helper.

Adjectives are a large class of words (for example, good, bad, new, accurate, careful) which define more precisely the reference of a noun or pronoun. An adjective gives more distinct meaning to a noun or a pronoun by describing or limiting it.

All adjectives answer three specific questions about the nouns or pronouns they are modifying:


What kind?strong, cheerful, red
Which one(s) this, that, these, those
How many?few, some, three, several

Adjectives That Follow Verbs

Pay special attention to adjectives that follow verbs. Sometimes, the adjective follows a verb, but it describes a noun or pronoun that comes before the verb.


These strawberries taste sour.
The pickles are salty

Adjectives are used either attributively or predicatively.

The boy is cleverThe problem is easy

Adjectives have many different endings. Many adjectives are created simply by adding certain suffixes to words that were previously nouns or verbs.

Some adjectives end in -ful. These adjectives describe noun or pronouns that are full of something or have a lot of something.
a joyful smile a beautiful facea careful student
a cheerful babya powerful machinea wonderful time
colorful clothesa useful book a skillful player
Some adjectives end in -ous.
a mountainous area a famous writera dangerous job
a poisonous snakea humorous film a generous gift
Some adjectives end in -y.
a sunny daya noisy cardirty hands
an easy testa cloudy skystormy weather
Some adjectives end in -less. These adjectives describe a person or thing that does not have something.
a meaningless worda sleeveless dressa fearless fighter
a careless drivera cloudless sky seedless grapes
Some adjectives end in -al.
Here are some adjectives that end in -ic, -ish, -ible, -able, -ive and -ly.
enthusiastic shoutingcomfortable clothesexpensive jewelery
a selfish acta likeable child friendly teachers
a fantastic singervisible footprintsan imaginative story
Many adjectives end in -ing.
a smiling face an outstanding swimmer chattering monkeys
loving parentsa disappointing resulta caring nurse
Many adjectives end in -ed.
boiled eggssatisfied customerswasted time
excited studentsreduced pricesinvited guests
Many adjectives end in -ar.

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