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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
slita long thin cut
slopto spill
slopeground that goes upwards or downwards: slanting; not straight
slota narrow opening, usually in a machine, for something like a coin to fit in
slouchto walk r move in a lazy droopy way, not holding yourself up straight
slowthe opposite of fast. To be slow is to take a long time to do something
sludgenasty soft mud
sluga large kind of snail without a shell
slushmelting snow; soft mud
slycunning; artful
smackto hit with the open hand; to slap
smallanother word for little; the opposite of large
smartclever; quick to learn: well dressed, stylish
smashto break something into pieces, usually with a crashing noise
smearto spread or rub something greasy or sticky so as to leave a dirty mark
smellwhat you nose tells you about something
smileto look happy
smitha man who makes things out of metal, like a silversmith or blacksmith
smocka loose garment, usually worn over other clothes to keep them clean
smokethe cloud of tiny particles that comes from something burning
smoothwithout any bumps; the opposite of rough
smotherto cover completely: to stop someone’s breathing by covering his mouth and nose
smoulderto burn slowly without much flame
smudgea stain, a smear of dirt
smuggleto bring something secretly into one country from another without paying tax
snacka small quick meal, like a sandwich or biscuits and cheese
snaila small animal that moves very slowly. It has a shell on its back
snakea crawling animal with a long body and no legs. Some snakes are dangerous because they have a poisonous bite
snapto break with a sudden sharp noise. The same word also means a card game for children
snarlto make a growling noise, with the teeth showing. The same word also means a knot or tangle
snatchto grab something quickly
sneakto tell tales about someone behind his back: to creep along quietly
sneerto smile in a scornful or mocking way
sneezeto make a sudden blowing noise through your nose because it tickles
sniffto take in a noisy breath through your nose
snipto cut a little piece off something, usually with scissors
snookera game played with coloured ball on a special table
snoreto make a loud breathing noise through your mouth when you are asleep
snoutthe sticking-out nose and mouth of some animals such as pigs and porpoises
snowdrops of water that become frozen in the air in winter. The pieces that float down through the air are called snowflakes
snowballa ball of snow pressed together
snowdropa little white flower which appears in very early spring
snowmana man made out of snow
snowshoeone of a pair of frames strung with thin strips of leather. People were snowshoes to keep their feet from sinking into deep soft snow
snugcosy and warm
soakto make something or someone very wet
soapsomething you use with water to make things clean
soarto fly high into the air
sobto weep noisily
socksomething you put on to cover your feet and ankles before you put on your shoes

Learning Competency

What are idioms?
Idioms can be defined as a group of words having a meaning different from the individual meanings of each word in the group.