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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
steama small river
steela very strong metal made from iron
steeprising nearly straight up from the ground, like a steep hill
steeplea high pointed tower on a church
steerto guide a vehicle or ship to the right or left. The same word also means a young bull
stemthe thin part of a plant that holds up the flowers or leaves
stenographerone who is skilled in stenography of shorthand
stepto put on foot in front of the other when walking; The same word also means one stair in a staircase
sternsevere; strict; grim. The same word also means the back part of a ship or boat
stewto cook food, especially meat with vegetables, by boiling it slowly
sticka long thin piece of wood: anything shaped like a stick, such as a stick of wax or gum
stickyclinging or holding on, as when something like glue or honey sticks to your fingers
stifffirm; hard; not easily bent or moved
stilea little set of step fixed to a fence or a wall to help you climb over
stillnot moving; calm
stiltone of a pair of tall poles with foot rests
stingthe sharp part of an insect, like a pin, which can hurt you
stirto move; to shake up or mix
stirrupa metal ring hanging down each side of a saddle. It is flat at the bottom so that you can put your foot in it when you ride a horse
stiticha loop of thread that has been sewn. The same word also means a sudden sharp pain in your side, usually caused by running
stocksupplies of food and other goods stored by shopkeepers. The same word also means a sweet-smelling garden flower
stoketo put fuel on the fire to make it hotter
stolea long, narrow piece of material, often made of fur or silk, worn over the shoulders and hanging down
stomacha kind of pocket in the middle of your body which holds food after it has been swallowed
stonea small piece of rock. The same word also means the hard seeds inside some fruit like plums and cherries
stoola little seat with no back or arms
stoopto bend the upper part of your body downwards
stopto end or leave off what you are doing
stoppersomething you put in the neck of a bottle to close the opening
storeto keep something until it is needed. The same word also means a shop
storeya stage or floor of a building
storka large bird with very long legs and a long beak
storma sudden outburst of bad weather with heavy rain, snow or hail, and sometimes thunder and lightning
storyan adventure told or written. It can be a true story, or made up like a fairy tale
stovesomething which makes heat for us to cook food or warm the room
straightnot crooked or curved. This is a straight line
straightento make straight; to put things neat and tidy
strainto make every effort; to put all your strength in to doing something
strainera kind of bowl with holes in it, usually made of metal or plastic. You put vegetables or other food in it to let the water out
strangeunusual; out of place
strangersomeone you do not know
strangleto kill a person or animal by squeezing its throat; to choke
strapa long thin piece of leather, usually with a buckle, to fasten something
strawdry stiff yellow stalks that farm animals like to sleep on
strawberrya small soft red fruit with a lot of seeds
strayto wander away or go in the wrong direction by mistake
streaka stripe or long narrow mark
streamera long thin flag, or a paper decoration for parties
streeta road with houses or other buildings on both sides of it
strengthhow strong or powerful something is

Learning Competency

Modal auxiliaries are used for
1.Probability - will ought
2.Possibility - can, could, may, might