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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
gabbleto speak so quickly that people find it hard to understand what you are saying
gainto earn or win; to add to what you already have
gainga group of people working together. The same word also means a band of robbers or thieves
galea strong wind
gallerythe upper floor of seats in a theatre or church. The same word also means a room or building where works of art on show
gallona measure of liquid, equal to 4 quarts or 8 points
gallopthe fastest speed at which a horse can move
gambleto play a game for money
gambolto skip and jump happily
gamea way of playing which has rules
gaminganother word for gambling
gandera male goose
gangstera member of a gang of robbers or thieves
gaol(say jail) another word for prison. The same word also spelled jail
gapan opening or break in something
garagea place where motor cars are kept or repaired
gardena piece of land where flowers, fruit or vegetables are grown
garlanda circle of leaves or flowers worn on the head or around the neck or hung on something as a decoration
garmentany article of clothing
gartera ring made of elastic which keeps a stocking from falling down
gassomething like air, neither solid or liquid, which can fill space. It is usually invisible. Gas that burns comes through pipes and is used for cooking and heating
gaspto take a quick deep breath; to struggle for breath
gatea door in a fence, wall or hedge
gatherto collect; to pick up one by one
gayhappy and lively
gazeto look at something steadily; to stare
gearthings that belong to you, such as clothes or tools. The same word also means the working part of a car or bicycle which changes the speed
gemany precious stone; a jewel
generala commander in the army. The same word also means usual; happening everywhere
generouskind in sharing or giving things to others
genialcordial, jovial, sympathetic
geniushighest mental ability
gentlequiet; soft or soothing
gentlemana kind and honorable man
genuinereal; true; not a fake or copy
geographythe study of the surface of the earth and the people and animals living there
geometrythe part of mathematics to do with lines angles and figures such as triangles and circles
germa very tiny bit of animal or plant life that you can only see under a microscope. Some germs cause diseases
getto receive; to fetch. The same word also means to become, as when we say someone will get well, or get rich
ghostthe spirit of a dead person
gianta very big strong person, usually in fairy
giddyhaving a feeling that things are going round and round
gieto hand something over freely to someone else
giftsomething which is given as a present
giganticenormous; giant-like
giggleto laugh in a silly way
gingerthe root of a plant. It tastes spicy and makes your mouth feel hot
gingerbreada cake or biscuit which is made with ginger
gipsysomeone who belongs to a race of dark people who originally came from India. Gipsies wander from place to place and usually have no permanent home. The word is sometimes spelled gypsy
giraffea tall animal with a very long neck

Learning Competency

What are phrasal verbs?
Phrasal verbs are verbs that consist of two or three words. The first word is a verb and it is followed by an adverb or a prepositions or both.