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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
sparkleto give off bright flashes of light; to glitter. Snow sparkles in the sunlight
sparklera firework which gives off silver or coloured sparks when you light it
sparrowa small brown and grey bird
speakto say something
speara pole with a metal point on the end. It is used as a weapon
specialnot like anything else; made for one use only
specimenone of something; a sample
specka small spot or dirty mark; a tiny piece
speckledmarked with lots of small spots
spectaclesomething interesting which makes people want to look at it
spectaclesanother word for the glasses people wear to help them to see better
spectatorsomeone who looks on or watches others doing something
speechthe act of speaking. The same word also means a talk or lecture
speedquickness, swiftness
spellto put letters together in the right order to make up a certain word. The same word also means magic words which are supposed to make something happen
spendto pay out money
spicedried or powdered flavourings for food, usually tasting and smelling strongly
spidera small animal with eight legs. It spins a web to catch insects
spikea long sharp point. The same word also means an ear of grain or a tall cluster of flowers on a stem
spillto let something, such as powder or liquid accidentally run out from a container
spinto go round and round. The same word also means to make thread out of raw wool, cotton or flax
spindlea thin rod on which thread is twisted in spinning
spinethe backbone of a person or animal. The same word also means a thorn, or one of the thin, stiff prickles growing on some animals, such as hedgehogs
spinsteran unmarried woman
spiralsomething that winds upwards, going round and round in continuous curves
spirethe long pointed top of a church steeple
spiritanother word for soul; a ghost
spitto throw out something from your mouth
spitea wish to be cruel to someone or to hurt his feelings
spitefulsaying and doing cruel things to someone you do not like
splashthe noise of something heavy falling into liquid. The same word also means to throw liquid about
splashdownthe landing of a space capsule in the occean
splendidwonderful; very rich and grand; very good
splendourbrilliancy, display, pomp, grandeur
splintera tiny thin piece of wood, glass or metal, which has broken off from a larger piece
splitto break or cut something from end to end
spoilthe damage something or make it of no use. The same word also means to give a child his own way too much
spongethe soft, yellowish skeleton of a sea animal, which becomes much softer when it soaks up water. It is used for washing yourself. The same word also means a kind of soft cake
sponsera surety or guarantor
spoola reel on which you wind things like thread, ribbon, or film
spoona tool used in cooking and eating food
sporta game, usually played outdoors. Football and cricket are sports
spota small mark
spouta small tube or pipe through which liquid is poured, like the spout of a teapot
sprainto twist a joint or muscle so badly that it swells
sprawlto sit or lie in a relaxed position, with your arms and legs spread out
sprayto send out fine drops of liquid
spreadto cover a surface, like spreading butter on bread
springto move quickly and suddenly. The same word also means a piece of metal which can be pressed down but jumps back into position when you let it go. The same word also means the season after winter, when plants begin to grow
sprinkleto scatter small drops of water or bits of something, like sugar or sawdust

Learning Competency

Non-defining relative clause
Non-defining relative clauses are placed after nouns which are definite already.
The adjective clause which does not define the noun before it but gives additional information about the noun is called the non-defining relative clause.