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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
yacht(rhymes with got) a kind of boat, usually with sails, used for racing or for pleasure
yaka long-haired ox
yapto bark sharply
yarda space, usually closed in by buildings or a fence. The same word also means a measurement of 36 inches or 3 feet
yarnthread made from wool or cotton. The same word also means a story told by someone who has travelled a lot
yawnto open your mouth wide and breathe air in and out slowly, especially when you are sleepy or bored
yeara length of time; 365 days, 52 weeks or 12 months make a year
yearninglonging, keen desire
yellto call out very loudly
yellowa colour. Lemons and primroses are yellow and so are the yolks of eggs
yelpa short sharp cry or bark
yeomana man who owns a small estate in land, a gentleman farmer
yesthe word you use to show you agree
yesterdaythe day before today
yetby now. The same word also means but
yewan evergreen tree, often seen growing in churchyards
yieldto give up, as when the enemy surrenders. The same word also means to produce, as when a field of wheat yields a good crop
yo-yoa toy in the shape of a reel, which spins up and down on a sting
yolkthe yellow part in the middle of an egg
younderover there: beyond
youngnot old; in the early part of life
youngernot as old as someone else
youngstera young person who is not yet grown up
yourselfyou and no one else
youththe time when you are young. The same word also means a young man
youthfulyoung, fresh or vigorous, as in youth

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