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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
macabreterrible, gruesome
machiavelliancunning in political management
machinean instrument, usually made of metal, which does a job of work, like a sewing machine or a washing machine
machinerythe working parts of machines; another name for machines
mackintosha raincoat. It is often called mac for short
madcrazy; not right tin the head. Someone who is mad does not think properly, because his mind is ill. The same word also means angry
magazinea thin book which comes out every week or month. It has different stories and pictures in it each time
maggota small creature without legs found in bad meat, cheese or fruit
magican imaginary power that makes wonderful thing happen that seem impossible, like changing a pumpkin into a beautiful coach
magiciansomeone who can do magic
magneta piece of iron or steel that has the power to pull other pieces of metal to it
magnificencepomp, grandeur in appearance, splendour
magnificentsplendid; very grand
magpiea black and white bird of the crow family. It is noisy and likes to collect bright shiny objects
maidan old-fashioned word for a girl or young woman, the same word is also used for a woman servant
mailanything that is sent through the post, such as letters and parcels
mainmost important; chief
majestya title given to a king or queen
maketo produce, to build
make-upface powder, lipstick and colouring used around the eyes
maladjustmenta bad or wrong adjustment
maladministrationbad management of affairs
malepeople and animals who can become fathers. Boys and men are of the male sex, but girls and women are of the female sex
maltgrain prepared in a special way before it is made into beer
mammalone of any kind of animal whose females have milk to feed their babies
mammothhuge; enormous. The same word also means a huge hairy elephant that lived millions of years ago
mana male human being when he is grown up
manageto look after or be responsible for something, such as a business or a household
managera person who is in charge of something, such as a business, a football club or a factory
manethe long hair some animals have on their necks. Horses have manes and so do lions
mangera feeding box for animals, usually in a shed or stable
manglea machine with heavy roars for squeezing water out of washing. The same word also means to tear or cut something to pieces in a very rough way
mangolda root vegetable, rather like a beetroot, used for feeding animals
mankindall human beings
mannershow you behave towards other people, the way in which you do things. It is good manners to say please and thank you, but bad manners to snatch things and act in a rude way
manorthe land belonging to a nobleman
mantelpiecea narrow shelf above the fireplace
manureanything put into the ground to make plants and crops grow better
manya lot
maplea kind of tree
marto hurt, injure in any manner, impair
marblea hard kind of stone that is used in important buildings, Marble is also carved into statues and beautiful ornaments. The same word also means one of the round glass balls used in the games of marbles
marchto walk in step. Soldiers march in time to music in a parade
marea female horse
margina blank edge on the side of a page where nothing is printed
marigolda bright yellow or orange garden flower
marineto do with the sea. The same word also means a solider serving on a ship
maritimerelating to the sea, navel
marka spot or line on something
marketa place, usually of of doors, where people meet to buy and sell food and other things

Learning Competency

Modal auxiliaries are used for
1.Probability - will ought
2.Possibility - can, could, may, might