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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
habitsomething you do regularly and often, almost without thinking about it, such as brushing your teeth
habitationresidence, abode, occupancy
hackneya horse kept for hire, a coach kept for hire
hadmastera woman who is responsible for all the teachers and pupils in a school
hailfrozen rain which falls as little lumps of ice
hairthe soft covering which grows on your head
hairbrusha special brush you use for tidying and arranging your hair
hairdressersomeone who cuts and arranges people’s hair
halesound, healthy, robust
halfone of two equal parts. When you cut something in half, you divide it into tow parts which are exactly the same size
hallthe space inside the entrance of a building. The same word also means a large room used for special occasions, like a town hall
haloa ring of light around the sun or moon, or around the heads of holy people in paintings
haltto stop
halveto divide into tow equal parts
hammera heavy tool for hitting or breaking things
hampera large basket with a lid, often used for carrying food. The same word also means to hinder
hamstera little furry animal, usually golden-brown in colour. It is often kept as a pet
handthe end of your arm which you use to hold things
handbaga small light bag that you can carry in your hand
handcuffa fetter for the hands or wrists
handfulas much as your hand will hold; a small number or quantity
handicapto make something more difficult for someone
handicraftwork in which things are made by hand and not by machine
handkerchiefa small piece of cloth for wiping your nose or eyes
handlethe part or something by which you can hold it, like the handle of a cup. The same word also means to touch or hold things with your hands
handlebarthe part of a bicycle you hold on to and steer with
handworkwork, like sewing or clay modelling, which you do with your hands
handyuseful and clever with your hands. The same word also means near; close at hand
hangto fasten something to firm support so that it swings freely, but cannot fall
hangera shaped piece of metal or wood to hang clothes on so that they do not get wrinkled
haphazardnot planned; happening by chance
haplessunlucky, unhappy
happento take place
happinessjoy; gladness
happyfull of joy
harassto Vex, to tire with labour
harboura sheltered place where ships stay before going out to sea
hardnot soft. Stones are hard. The same word also means difficult
hard headedshrewd, cunning, intelligent
hardento make or become hard
hardlyscarcely; only just
hardytough; brave
harean animal like a large rabbit
harmto damage or hurt
harmfuldoing harm or damage
harmlessthe opposite of harmful; doing no harm
harnessthe straps and other equipment worn by a horse
harpa big musical instrument shaped like a triangle. It has strings which you pluck to make music
harshrough or unkind

Learning Competency

Examples of Clipping
1.Bike (motor-bike)
2.Specs (spectacles)
3.Fax (fascimile)