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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
o’clockthe time by the clock
o.k.all right
oaka kind of tree that can grow very big and lives to a very old age. It has acorns as its fruit.
oara long piece of wood with one flat end, used to row a boat
oasisa place in a desert where plants and trees grow because there is water
oatha solemn promise that you will speak the truth or keep your word
oatsa kind of grain used mostly to feed animals. Oats are also grown up and cooked with water to make porridge.
obediencedoing as you are told
obeyto do as you are told
obituaryan account of a deceased person or persons, list of the death
objecta thing; something you can see or handle. The same word also means to disagree with someone else’s idea
objectionadverse reason against, act of objecting
oblonga squared shape with four straight sides. Two opposite sides are of equal length and the other sides are also equal but longer or shorter than the first two
obnonxiousunpopular, hateful, offensive, odious
obscenceindecent, offensive to chastity and delicacy
obscuredarkened, din, vague
observeto watch carefully; to notice
obstacleanything that stands in the way so that you cannot go forward
obtainanother word for get
obtinatewanting your own way; stubborn another word for get
occasiona particular event or happening
occupationthe kind of work that you do
occupyto live in, as when a family occupies a house. the same word also means to go into enemy land in wartime and take over towns and cities.
occurto happen
occurrenceany incident, accidental event
oceana very big sea
octopusa sea creature with eight arms covered with suckers
oddstrange; queer. The same word also means not even in number(1,3,5,7,9 are odd numbers)
offencea crime. The same word also means something that hurts someone’s feelings or makes him angry
offendto do something wrong; to displease; to make someone angry
offensivecausing hurt; unpleasant
offerto say you will do or give something
officea building or room where people work with business papers
officersomeone who commands others, as in the army, navy or air force
officialpertaining to an office of public duty, in the capacity of an officer holding the office
officioustroublesome in trying to serve, intermeddling
oftenmany times; happening over and over again
oila thick greasy liquid which can come from animals or plants, or from under the ground
ointmenta soothing paste you put on sores or cuts
oldhaving been alive or on earth for a long time
old-fashionedof times long ago; not modern
oldenlong ago, as when we say in olden days or in olden times
olderhaving lived longer than someone else, or existed longer than something else
omeletteeggs beaten up, fried until the mixture is almost solid, and then folded over
omitto leave out; not to do something
oncefor one time only; at a time long ago
oniona bulb-like vegetable with a strong smell and flavour
onlysingle; one and no more
opennot shut; able to let things through

Learning Competency

Examples of Blending
1.Manimal (man + animal)
2.Hi-tech (high + technology)
3.Brunch (breakfast + lunch)