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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
sitto be on a chair or seat
sitean area of ground where a building is, or will be built
situationthe place or position of something. The same word also means a job
sizethe amount of space something takes up
skatea metal blade or wheels fastened on a shoe, so that you can move quickly and smoothly on ice or a flat surface. The same word also means a large flat fish with very wide fins
skeletonall the bones inside your body
sketcha rough quick drawing
ski(say skee) to move quickly over hard snow on two long pieces of wood called skis, which are fastened to your boots
skidto slide sideways, as a car sometimes does on wet or icy roads
skilfulclever; able to do something well
skillcleverness; the ability to do something well
skimto glide quickly over the surface of something. The same word also means to take the cream off the top of the milk
skinthe outside covering of your body
skipto jump up and down on one leg at a time, often over a rope. The same word also means to leave out something, like skipping dull parts of a book
skipperthe captain of a ship
skirtthe bony part of your head
skythe air above you that you see when you look up out of doors
skylarka lark, a small bird which sings when it is flying very high up in the air
skyscrapera very tall building
slaba thick slice
slackloose; not tightly stretched. The same word also means not busy
slamto shut or bang something with a loud noise
slantingnot straight; up and down; sloping
slapto hit with the palm of the hand
slashto make long cuts in something, sometimes violently
slatea kind of stone used for roofs
slaughterkilling of animals, usually for food: a terrible killing of one person or great numbers of people
slaughter-housea place where animals are killed for the market
slavesomeone who is not free because he is owned by another person and has to work for him
slaverybondage, drudgery, Servitude
slayto kill
sleda vehicle with metal or wooden runners, that moves easily over snow-covered ground
sledgea sled
sleeksmooth and shiny, like the coat of a horse which has been well fed and cared for
sleepyou sleep when you are not awake
sleetrain mixed with snow or hail
sleevethe part of your clothes that covers your arm
sleevelesswithout sleeves
sleigha large sled, usually pulled by horse
slenderslim; narrow; not looking strong or heavy
slicea flat piece cut from something, like a slice of bread or cake
slideto move smoothly down or along on something
slightsmall in quantity or importance; slim or slender
slightlyby a small amount
slimthin; narrow; not fat
slimethin slippery mud or dirt
slinga piece of leather used for throwing stones: a piece of cloth tied around your neck and shoulder to hold up a broken or injured arm
slipto slide when you do not mean to, the same word also means to move away quickly and quietly
slippera soft shoe you wear indoors
slipperysmooth on the surface so that you slip in walking, as on ice or thin mud

Learning Competency

Skills involved in Note-talking
Listening and writing down the bare essentials of the talk are the two skills involved in Note - talking.