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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
pacea step or the length of a step, as when you say something is six paces away, speed
pacifyto console, embalm, appease, give peace to
packto put things into a container. You pack clothes into a trunk or suitcase when you go away. The same word also means a bundle
packagea parcel or bundle
packeta small parcel or package
pada lot of sheets of paper glued or sewn together at the top. The same word also means a piece of thick, soft material, usually to protect a part of your body from harm
paddleto walk around in water up to our ankles. The same word also means a pole with a broad part at the end, which you use to move a canoe through the water
padestrainsomeone who is walking
pageone side of sheet of paper in a book. Newspaper, magazine or notebook. The same word also means a young boy who attends a bride at her wedding, or who runs errands in a hotel
pageanta who in costume, usually about things that happened long ago
pailanother word for bucket
painthe feeling when something hurts you
paintto colour something with a brush and coloured liquid is called paint
paintinga coloured picture painted on paper or canvas
pairtwo things which are meant to be used together, like a pair of shoes
palacethe house where a king or queen lives
palatablesavoury, tasteful, tasty
palenot having too much colour or brightness; looking washed out
palingone of the pieces of wood in a special kind of fence
palmthe inside of your hand between your fingers and your wrist. The same word also means a tall tree with large fan-shaped leaves at the top. It grows in hot countries
palmistrythe art of foretelling one’s fortune by seeing his hand
pana metal container with a handle, used for cooking
pancakea thin round cake eaten hot. You cook it in a frying pan
pandaa large black and white wild animal, something like a bear. Some pandas are much smaller and look rather like a large cat with a bushy tail and a pointed nose
panicsudden fear or terror that keeps people from thinking reasonably
pansya small garden plant with velvety, brightly coloured flowers
pantto gasp for breath
panthera kind of leopard
pantomimea musical play for children, usually a fairy tale. The same word also means a play in which the actors do not speak
pantrya small room or cupboard where food is kept
paperthe material used to write on or wrap parcels in
parablea fable or story that is meant to show you how to behave towards others
parachutea large piece of strong cloth which is fastened to a man who is going to jump from an aeroplane. It opens like an umbrella, and brings him safely and slowly to the ground
paradea lot of people walking or marching together, sometimes in costume
paraffina kind of oil that is burned in stoves and lamps
parallelgoing in the same direction the same distance apart and never meeting, like a pair of railway lines
parallelismcomparison, resemblance, state of being parallel
paralysisa numb and lifeless state of body for making any action, no sensation
parcela bundle of things, usually tied up in paper
parchmentthe skin of a goat, sheep or other animal, cleaned and dried. In olden days, before paper was invented, it was used to write on
pardonto forgive
parenta mother or a father
parisha part of a county with its won church
parkan open space with grass and trees and playgrounds for children. The same word also means to stop a car and leave it at the side of the street or in a parking space
parliamenta group of men and women who are chosen to make the laws for the people in a country
parlouranother word for living-room
parrota brightly-coloured bird often kept as a pet in a cage. Some parrots can imitate talking
parsnipa vegetable with a thick whitish root shaped rather like a carrot
parta piece of something. The same word also means to have someone

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Skills involved in Note-talking
Listening and writing down the bare essentials of the talk are the two skills involved in Note - talking.