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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
sproutto begin to grow. The same word also means a green vegetable like a tiny cabbage. It full name is a brussels sprout
spuran instrument with sharp point worn on horsemen’s heels, incitement, stimulus
spurtto squirt out suddenly; a rush of liquid
spysomeone who secretly watches what other people are doing, especially during a war when he is paid to get information about the enemy
squarea rectangle whose four sides are equal in length
squashto crush or squeeze something out of shape. The same word also means a bottled drink made of fruit, sugar and water
squeaka small high sound. A mouse squeaks and so does a rusty door hinge
squeala long high piercing sound made by some animals
squeezeto press hard; to crush; to hug
squirrela small red or grey animal with a long bushy tail
stabto pierce or cut with a pointed weapon
stablea building where horses are kept
stacka large heap
stadiuman open-air sports ground with rows of seats all round
staffa group of people working together, like people in an office, or teachers in a school. The same word also means a pole or stick carried in the hand
stagea male deer
stagethe platform in a theatre or hall where people act, sing, or speak
staggerto walk unsteadily, lurching and stumbling
staina dirty mark
staircasea number of stairs, usually with a side-rail to keep you from falling
stairsa set of steps in a building for waling up or down
stakea strong pointed stick or post
stalenot fresh; dry and without much taste because of being kept too long
stalkanother word for stem. The same word also means to creep quietly after an animals that you are hunting
stalla kind of table on which things for sale are shown at a market. The same word also means a place for one animal in a cattle shed or stable
stalliona male horse
stammerto repeat the beginning of a word several times before going on to stay the whole word; to speak in jerks and pauses
stampa little piece of coloured paper you stick on a letter or parcel, which pays for sending it by post. The same word also means to hit the floor hard with the sole of your foot
standto be on your feet; not sitting. The same word also means to hit the floor hard with the sole of your foot
standarda flag. The same word also means a grade
staplea principal commodity and emporium, an iron loop with two points
stara tiny light which shines in the night sky. The same word also means someone who is famous and popular, like a film star
stareto look at something or someone for a long time without looking away
starlinga wild bird with glossy, dark greenish purple feathers, speckled with white
startto begin: to move suddenly
startleto make a person or animal start with sudden fear or surprise
starvationsuffering or death caused by lack of food
starveto be in great need of food; to die of hunger
statementsomething said or told
stationthe place where a train stops to let people on or off. The same word also means a building for policemen or firemen
stationarynot moving; standing still
stationerywriting paper and envelopes
statuethe figure of a person or animal which is carved from stone or wood. Sometimes statues are made of metal or some other material
statussocial position, rank, condition, position of affairs
stayto be in one place and not leave
steadilyin a steady, firm way
steadystanding firm; moving without jerking or shaking. The same word also means loyal and faithful
steaka thick slice of meat or fish
stealto take something which belongs to someone else
steamthe cloud-like gas that water turns into when it boils

Learning Competency

The verb shows time by changing its form. These forms are called tenses.