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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
scaleone of the small horny flakes that cover the skin of snakes and fishes. The same word also means a set of notes in music
scalesa weighing machine
scarthe mark left on your skin after a sore or wound has healed
scarcenot enough; difficult to find
scarcelyhardly; not quite
scarcitya very small supply of something, so that there is not enough to go round
scarecrowsomething, usually like the dummy figure of a man, which is put in a field to frighten the birds away from the crops
scarfa long thick piece of material you wear to keep your neck warm
scarletbright red
scatterto throw things around in all directions, like scattering bread crumbs on the ground for birds to eat
scenea view; the place where something happens: part of a play
scenerywhat you see when you look around you, such as hills and fields and trees in the country. The same word also means the painted curtains and other things used on a stage to make it look like a real place
scenta smell. The same word also means a liquid with a sweet pleasant smell; a perfume
sceptrea rod or staff, usually of gold or silver, carried by a king or queen at ceremonies
schemea combination of things adjusted by design, a system, project, diagram
scholara person who studies; a pupil or student
scholarshipknowledge or learning. The same word also means a sum of money given to a student each year because of his good word, so that he can afford to go on studying
schoola place where people go to learn
schoonera large sailing ship
scienceknowledge go by careful study and testing of things, often to do with nature. Chemistry is a natural science
scientificto do with science. When you study chemistry you do scientific experiments
scientistsomeone who finds out why things happen on in middle
scoopa tool shaped like a deep shovel, that is used to dig up earth or sand. Small scoops are used to measure out dry foods, such as sugar, shelled nuts and flour
scootto move away quickly
scootera small two-wheeled vehicle, moved by pushing with one foot or by an engine
scorchto burn slightly; to dry up with heat. Anything that has been scorched turns a yellowy-brown colour
scorethe number of point, goals or marks you get in a game or examination
scornto dislike utterly, to think that something or someone is not worth bethering about, or no good
scoutsomeone sent to spy on the enemy: a member of the Boy Scouts
scowlto frown
scrambleto climb up on rough ground, usually using your hands and feet
scrapa small piece of something. The same word also means to quarrel or fight
scrapeto rub against something with a rough or sharp edge
scratcha mark made with something sharp. The same word also means to scrape with fingernails or claws
scrawlto write in an untidy way that is not easy to read
screama very loud high-pitched cry of surprise, pain or fear
screecha piercing scream
screena light-weight wall that you can move about. The same word also means what a television or cinema picture is shown on
screwa special kind of thick nail with grooves. You turn it round and round with tool called a screw-driver to make it go into wood
scribbleto write in a careless and untidy way
scripthandwriting, or printing that looks like handwriting
scrubto rub something, usually with a brush, to get it clean
scullerya small room next to the kitchen, where rough kitchen work is done
sculpturethe art of carving stone and wood, or modelling clay or metal into statues and beautiful designs
scurryto hurry along in a bustling way
seathe salty water that covers parts of the earth where there is no land
sea liona large kind of seal. The male makes a roaring noise, like a lion
seagulla sea bird, usually coloured grey and white. It makes a loud screeching sound
seahorsea pretty little sea animal with no legs. Its body ends in a curly tail to help it swim along in an upright position

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Idioms can be defined as a group of words having a meaning different from the individual meanings of each word in the group.