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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
fablea short story, usually about animals, which is meant to teach us lesson
fabricwoven stuff, frame, building structure
facadeoutward appearance, front of building
facethe front of your head
facta thing that everyone knows is true and hot imaginary
facticethe science and art of disposing forces in order for battle, adroit management of a situation
factorya building where things are made in large quantities, usually by machine
fadeto lose colour or freshness
failnot to be able to do something you try to do; to be unsuccessful
failinga fault or a bad habit
faintpale or weak. The same word also means feeling weak and dizzy
faira place with roundabouts where you have fun. The same word also means light in colour (as in fair hair) and right or good
fairlynot bad; reasonably good
fairya very small person who can do magic. You read about fairies in stories for young children
faithwhat you believe in; trust that what is said is true
faithfulkeeping your promises; believing
fakesomething that looks valuable but is not; a cheap copy of something
fallto drop through the air
falsewrong; not keeping your promises; not faithful; not real or true
falterto stumble; to hesitate when speaking
famereputation, renown
familiarwell known or close to you
familya mother and father and their children
faminegreat scarcity of food; starvation
famouswell known
fansomething which makes a cool breeze. The same word also means someone who is very hobby or famous person
fancydecorated. The same word also means imagination
fanga long pointed tooth
fara long way away
farethe price you pay for traveling on a public vehicle such as a bus
farewellan old-fashioned word for good-bye
farma place where a farmer keeps animals and grows food
farmera man who looks after a farm
farmyardground surrounded by barns, cowsheds and other farm buildings
fascinationvery attractive; very charming
fastvery quick
fastento join together
fatbig and round. The same word also means the whitish greasy part of meat and bacon. Other kinds of fat are found in fish and in nuts
fatalcausing death; disastrous
faulta mistake, a defect; an error
favouran act of kindness which is done for someone
favouritea person or thing which is liked better than any other
fawna young deer
feara feeling of alarm when you think you are in danger
fearfulafraid. The same word also means terrible or awful
fearlesswithout fear; brave
feasta large special meal with lots of good things to eat and drink
featan act of great skill or strength
featherpart of the wing or the soft coat of a bird

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What are phrasal verbs?
Phrasal verbs are verbs that consist of two or three words. The first word is a verb and it is followed by an adverb or a prepositions or both.