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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
settleto agree upon something, such as settling on a day to go out with someone
severalmore than tow of something; a few
severevery serious; not merciful
sewto join cloth together with a needle and thread
sewagethe filthy matter which passes through sewers
sexeither of the two groups, male and female, that animals and humans are divided into
shabbynearly worn out; almost ragged. The same word also means not fair or kind, as when someone plays a shabby trick on you
shadeto keep the light away from something
shadowa dark shape that appears on the ground when an object gets in the way of light
shaggycovered with rough long hair or fur, usually untidy
shaketo move something quickly up and down or from side to side
shallowthe opposite of deep; not very far to the bottom
shamthat which appears to be what is not, false
shamea feeling of unhappiness because you have hurt someone or done something you know is wrong
shamefulwrong; mean
shampooto wash your hair
shapewhat something is like if you draw a line around the outside of it. A ball is shaped like a circle
shareto give part of something to someone else
sharka large dangerous sea fish, which has very sharp teeth
sharphaving an edge that can cut or a point that can make holes
shatterto break something into many pieces
shaveto cut off hair with a razor
shawla square piece of cloth folded and worn around the head and shoulders by girls and women
sheafa bundle (of corn) or a bunch (of papers)
shearslarge scissors, used for cutting things like hedges or sheep’s wool
sheatha scabbard; a cover for the blade of a sword or knife
sheda hut made of wood or metal, often used to keep tools in
sheepan animal covered with thick wool
sheeta large piece of cloth used on a bed. The same word also means a single piece of paper, glass or metal
shelfa board fastened to a wall. You can keep books and other things on it
shellthe hard covering on a nut or egg. Some fish, animals and insects also have shells
sheltera place where you are safe from danger or from bad weather
shepherda man who looks after sheep
sheriffthe chief government officer in a country or district
shieldsomething you hide behind or hold up to protect yourself from attack
shiftto move something, usually something heavy. The same word also means a group of people working together for a number of hours, such as a night shift
shillinga sivler-coloured coin, worth five pence
shimmerto shine with a soft trembling light
shineto give out bright light. Silver and gold are shiny; a torch shines in the dark
shinglethe small rounded stones that are found at the edge of the sea. The same word also means one of the flat pieces of wood used like slates to cover a roof
shipa very large boat that goes across the ocean
shipwrecka ship that has been sunk or destroyed, usually by a storm at sea
shirta piece of clothing worn on the upper part of the baby by men and boys
shiverto shake because you are cold
shocka nasty surprise
shoea covering for your foot
shootto send a bullet from a gun, or an arrow from a bow
shopa place where you can buy things
shoreland at the edge of a lake or the sea
shortnot very long; not very tall

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