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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
wada bundle of paper, often used for packing
waddleto walk with short steps, rocking from side to side, as a duck does
wadeto walk in water
wafera very thin biscuit
waftto sail or float, a breath of wind
wagto move something up and down or from side to side, as when a dog wages its tail
wagepayment for a job of work
wagonan open vehicle with four wheels, used to carry heavy loads
wagtaila small wild bird with a long tail that wags up and down
wailto make a long sad crying noise
waistthe narrow middle part of your body above the hips
waistcoata short sleeveless jacket, sometimes worn by men under a coat
waitto stay in a place until someone comes of something happens
waitersomeone who serves food at a table in a cafe or restaurant
waketo become awake after being asleep, to wake up someone who is asleep
walkto move along on your feet, but more slowly than running
walkie-talkiea radio carried about with you when you walk, used to send and received messages
wallsomething built of bricks or stone, like the sides of a house or a fence around a garden
walleta small pocket case, usually of leather, for carrying paper money, tickets, stamps and personal papers
wallflowera sweet-smelling garden flower that sometimes grows on old wall
wallopto hit someone head
wallpapera special kind of paper put on the inside walls of houses as decoration
walnuta tree which has nuts that are good to eat. The wood is very hard, and is used to make furniture
wanpale; looking rather ill or weak
wanda magic stick used by fairies or by conjurers when they do magic tricks
wanderto roam about from place to place
waneto become smaller, as when the full moon begins to wane
wantto wish for or to need something
wara fight between two or more countries. If two groups of people in the same country fight each other, it is called civil war
warda large room in a hospital, where there are a number of beds for sick people
wardera man who stands guard over prisoners in a prison
wardrobea cupboard where you keep clothes
warehousea building where goods are stored
warfaremilitary service, war, contest, hostility
warmmore hot than cold
warmthgentle heat, cordiality, animation, enthusiasm
warnto tell someone to take care because of something that may happen, usually dangerous
warpto twist out of shape
warrantto guarantee, authorize, justify
warriora man who fights for his country in time of war; an old-fashioned word for soldier
warshipa ship that has guns and weapons for fighting in a war
warta small hard lump on the skin, usually on the hands or face
washto make clean, using soap and water
washingclothes that are being washed or need to be washed
waspa stinging insect something like a bee with a very narrow waist
wastto use something up or spend money carelessly. The same word also means rubbish; something of no value that is thrown away
watchto look at closely. The same word also means a small clock which you wear on your wrist or carry in your pocket
watchfulcareful; watching what you are doing
waterthe clear liquid in lakes, river and seas. Water also falls from the clouds as rain
water closeta small room containing a bowel which has a rushing flow of water to carry away waste through a pipe, it is called W.C. for short

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Examples of Clipping
1.Bike (motor-bike)
2.Specs (spectacles)
3.Fax (fascimile)