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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
quackthe noise a duck makes
quaila wild bird like a small partridge. The same word also means to lose courage
quaintold-fashioned; a little odd
quaketo tremble, shake or quiver
qualificationability, suitable quality or characteristic
qualityhow good or bad something is. Clothes of good quality usually cost more but will last longer than clothes of poor quality
quantitythe size, number or amount of things
quantuma quantity, an amount, a sufficient amount
quarrelto argue or disagree with someone in an angry way
quarrya place where stone for building is dug out. The same word also means an animal that is being hunted
quarta measure of liquid equal to tow pints
quarterone-fourth of anything, a fourth part
quashto subdue, quell, suppress
quay(say kee) a landing place for boats or ships
queena woman who is the ruler of a country, or the wife of a king
queerodd; strange; not ordinary
quellto subdue, allay, subside
quenchto put an end to something, as when you quench your thirst by having a drink, or when you quench a fire by putting water on it
querya question
questionsomething someone wants to know
queue(say kew) a line of people waiting their turn. The same word also means a pigtail at the back of the head
quickfast; in a very short time
quietnot making a noise; silent; at rest
quilta thick padded bedcover
quitto leave; to go away
quiverto tremble or shiver
quiza lot of questions to find out how much someone knows
quoita heavy flat ring which you try to throw on to a peg

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