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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
shortento make short or shorter, deprive, contract
shorthanda quick way of writing down what is said
shotsmall bullets for a shotgun
shoulderthe joint between you arm and body
shoutto speak or call out very loudly
shoveto push roughly
shovela tool like a spade, but wider
showto point out; to guide. The same word also means a spectacle
showera sudden brief fall of rain, sleet or snow. The same word also means a bath in which you stand up and water sprays all over you
shreda scarp or strip torn off something
shrickhigh-pitched scream; a shrill laugh
shrillhigh-pitched and piercing to the ears
shrinkto become less or smaller. Some kinds of cloth shrink when they have been washed
shrivelto dry up and become smaller. A raisin is a shrivelled grape
shruba small woody plant that does not grow very tall; a bush
shudderto shiver or tremble with fear or disgust
shuffleto move your feet along without lifting them. The same word also means to mix a pack of cards before playing a game
shuntto move railway carriages and wagons from one track to another
shutclosed, not open
shuttera wooden cover for a window, used to keep heat and light out in day time, and to keep burglars out at night
shuttlecocka toy made of feathers stuck in a cork, used in the game of badminton
shynot wanting to be with lots of other people
sickill, not well
sidethe broad or long surface of a body, a direction
sideboarda large, heavy piece of furniture like a cupboard, where dishes, table linen and cutlery are kept
siegean attempt to capture a town or fort by surrounding it so that help cannot reach it
sievea container with many small holes, used to separate large and small lumps of soil, grain or food
siftto separate grains or powder from larger lumps by means of a sieve
sighto breathe out heavily when you are tired or sad
signala message sent by signs
signatoryone who signs
silenceabsence of mention, to put to silence, to quiet
silentnot making a sound
silkvery fine smooth cloth made from threads that silkworms spin
silkworma caterpillar that spins silk threads
sillthe wooden or stone ledge at the bottom of a door or window
sillynot clever; not thinking carefully
silvera shiny greyish-white metal. Money, knives, forks and spoons are sometimes made of silver. The same word also means the colour of the metal
similarlike, or almost like something else
simpleeasy, not difficult. The same word also means foolish, not very clever
sincefrom a certain time until now, as when you say you have nothing to eat since breakfast
sincerehonest; meaning what you say
singto make music with your voice
singe(say sinj) to burn slightly, to scorch
singleonly one. The same word also means not married
singularone only, not plural. The same word also means not married
sinka place in the kitchen where there is running water for washing dishes and preparing vegetables. The same word also means to go under the water
sipto drink something a little bit at a time
sirena hooter or whistle that makes a loud, wailing noise
sistera daughter of the same parents

Learning Competency

Modal auxiliaries Vs Primary auxiliaries
Primary auxiliaries are be, do, have. They are used to form tenses and to frame short answers.
Modal auxiliaries are will, would, may, might, shall, should, can, could, must, dare, need, used, ought. They are used to express moods.