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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
buga tiny insect
buildto make or construct
buildera man who puts up buildings
buildinganything with a roof and walls
bulba mall glass lamp which gives out electrical light. The same word also means the rounded root from which some flowers grow
bulgeto swell out
bulka large amount
bullthe male of cattle. Male elephants are also called bulls
bull fighta combat between armed men, fight of bulls in a closed arena
bulldoga heavily-built dog with a large head and powerful shoulders
bulldozera powerful tractor used for shifting large loads of earth, sand or rubbish
bulleta small piece of metal which is shot from a gun
bullfroga large frog with a deep voice
bullocka young bull
bullysomeone who picks on others weaker or smaller than himself
bumblebeea large fluffy bee which makes a loud buzzing noise
bumpa swelling, or a raised part of anything. The same word also means to knock into something.
bumpera piece of curved metal on the front and back of cars to protect them if they bump into something
buna small soft round cake
buncha group of things tied or growing together, like a bundle of clothes
bundlea number of articles bound together, like a bundle of clothes
bungalowa house without upstairs
bunka shelf-like bed attached to a walk
buoy(say boy) something floating on the water but anchored to sea bed. It marks the places where there is danger, or where small boats can be tied up
burdena load that is very heavy to carry
burdensomeheavy, oppressive
bureaua chest of drawers with a writing-desk on top. The same word also means an office.
bureaucracygovernment through officials
burglarsomeone who breaks into buildings at night and steals things
burialthe burying of something, like a dead body, in the ground
burlysturdy, great in size
burnto be on fire, or to set something on fire
burrowa hole in the ground which has been dug by wild animals to live in. Rabbits and foxes live in burrows
burstto give way suddenly; to rush forward
buryto put something somewhere deep. usually under the ground
busa large vehicle which carries many people
busbya tall fur hat that some soldiers wear
busha shrub, like a small tree with lots of branches growing close to the ground
bushyfull of bushes, like a bush
business(say bizness) occupation, work
bussa kiss, to kiss
busta sculpture of someone’s head, shoulders and chest. Sometimes the word means the breast
bustleto rush about busily
busyhaving something to do all the time; working hard
butchera man who cuts up meat and sells it
butta large barrel for holding liquids
buttera kind of soft yellow fat made form cream
buttercupa bright yellow wildflower
butterflyan insect with colured wings
butterscotcha sweet made form sugar and butter

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