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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
barbarianasavage, wild, rude, uncultured
barbarousilliterate, uncivilized, cruel
barbed wirewire twisted so that sharp points stick our. It is used as fencing
barbera man who cuts hair and shaves beards
barewithout covering or decoration
bargainsomething you buy that costs less than the usual price. The same word also means to argue with the seller about the price of something you want to buy
bargea cargo boat which has a flat bottom
barkthe tough covering on a tree trunk and branches. The same word also means the loud sharp noise dogs and some other animals make
barleya plant from which we get a kind of grain; the name of that grain
barna large farm building used mainly for storing grain, hay and other crops
barona nobleman
barracksthe buildings where soldiers live
barrela container made of curved pieces of wood held together with hoops
barrennot able to produce fruit, plants, babies or seeds. The land in deserts and on some mountains is barren because nothing will grow there
barricadebarrier, obstruction
barriersomething, like a fence or wall, that stops one from going further
barrowa two-wheeled cart that is pushed by a man
basethe bottom of anything; the part on which something stands or is built
basementthe lowest part of a building, usually below the ground
bashto hit something so hard that it is smashed or dented
bashfulanother word for shy
basina round bowl for holding water
basisfoundation, common ground, base, ground work
baskto warm yourself in the sun
basketa container made of straw or thin pieces of wood. It has a handle so that you can carry things inside
bastardchild born of unmarried parents, illegitimate
bata shaped piece of wood used to hit a ball in games. The same word also means a small mouse-like animal that flies at night
batha large container in which you can wash yourself all over
batheto take a bath or a swim
bathrooma room with a bath in it
batona stick for beating time to music
batterto beat or strike something over and over again. The same word also means a mixture of flour and liquid used in cooking
batterya container for storing electricity
battlea fight
battleshipa warship with heavy armour and big guns
bawlto cry out or shout very loudly
baya part of the sea or lake that makes a curve in the land
bayoneta long sharp blade attached to a rifle, so that it can be used like a spear
bazaara market-place or fair where things are sold
beachthe strip of land next to the sea, covered with sand or pebbles
beacona signalling light, like a bonfire or lighthouse
beada small ball with a hole through it. You can thread many beads together to make a necklace
beakera tall cup, often without a handle
beama long thick piece of wood. The same word also mans a ray of light
beana vegetable with large seeds that grow in pods
beara large heavy animal with thick shaggy fur and a very short tail. The same word also means to carry something or to put up with something
beardthe hair on a man’s chin
bearingthe part of a machine on which another part moves or slides. The same word also means the way you carry yourself
beastan animal
beatto hit over and over again; to keep regular time in music. The same word also means to do better than another person or team in a game or a race

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