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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
blendto mix together
blessto make holy; to ask God to show favour to someone or something
blindnot able to see. A covering for a window
blinkto open and shut your eyes very quickly
blistera swelling on the skin, like a small bubble, often filled with water or blood
blizzarda very windy snow storm
blocka big piece of something, like wood, metal or stone. The same word also means to be in the way of something
bloodthe red liquid which circulates round your body
blood-suckera cruel exploiter, any animal, insect or dependent that sucks blood
bloodshedsloughter, the shedding of blood
bloomto come into flower
blosomanother name for flower, especially the flowers on fruit trees and shrubs
blota spot or mark, usually of ink
blottera piece of blotting paper, one who blots
blousea loose garment covering the upper part of the body. It is worn by girls and women
blowto push air out of your mouth. The same word also means a hard knock
bluea colour. When the sun shines the sky is blue
bluebella wild flower with blue blossoms shaped like bells
blunderto err foolishly, too serious a mistake
bluntineffective in sharpness, having a dull edge or point
blurto make something look dim or not clear
blurtto utter suddenly or unthoughtfully
blushto go pink in the face because you are shy, ashamed or upset by something
boara male pig
boarda long flat piece of wood
boarda store or stock of something hidden away. Squirrels have a hoard of nuts hidden away for the winter
boardersomeone who pays to sleep and eat in someone ele’ house; someone who lives at boarding school in term time
boarding schoola school where children live during term time
boastto talk a lot about how good you are at things, to praise yourself or things which belong to you
boastfulgiven to boasting
boata small ship
bodicethe part of a dress from the neck to the waist. It is usually close-fitting
bodythe whole of a person or animal
bodyguarda person who guards and protects someone
bogwet, marshy ground
boilto make water so hot that it bubbles and makes steam. The same word also means a sore swelling on your body
boilera container for boiling water, often for making steam
boldbrave; without fear
bolta metal fastening for doors and gates. The same word also means to run away
bomba metal case that can be exploded
bombasthigh sounding words, pompous wordings
bondanything which binds or fastens something together
boneone of the hard white parts which are joined together to make the skeletons of our bodies
bonfirea fire out of doors, usually in a garden
bonneta kind or hat that ties under the chin
bonnypretty; healthy-looking
bonusextra dividend to share holders, a premium
bookpages of print bound together in a cover
bookcasea set of shelves for books
booma long deep noise, like the sound the word boom makes when you say it

Learning Competency

Examples of back formation
1.Baby-sit (baby-sitter)
2.Gyre (gyroscope)
3.Edit (editor)