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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
boomeranga curved wooden weapon that turns in the air and comes back to the person who throws it
boota shoe that covers part of the leg as well as the foot
booteea soft woollen boot for babies
borderthe outside edge or something
boreto make a deep hole in something by twisting a tool round and round. The same word also means to make someone tired by dull talk
bornstarting to live
borrowto take something which you intend to give back
bosomanother word for breast. The same word also means close, like a bosom friend
bossa chief or leader
botanythe study of plants
botherto annoy or worry. The same word also means fuss or trouble
botherationtrouble, tension, worry
bottlea container, usually made of glass. It has narrow neck and is used to hold liquids
bottomthe lowest part of anything
bough(rhymes with now) the branch of a tree
bouldera very large rock or stone
bounceto spring up again after hitting the ground
bouncera booster, a liar
boundto leap forward. The same word also means fastened or tied
bountygenerosity liberality large heartedness
bouquet(say bookay) a bunch of flowers
bow(rhymes with so) a kind of knot used to tie ribbon or string. The same word also means a curved strip of wood with a string, used for shooting arrows
bow(rhymes with now) a way of showing respect. You bend forward and lower our head
bowla deep round dish for holding liquids or food. The same word also means to throw a ball overarm, as in cricket
boxa stiff-sided container
boxera man who fights with his fists, usually in padded gloves
boya male child who will grow up to be a man
boycottto refuse to deal with, stop social or commercial relations
braceleta pretty chain or ring you wear on your arm
bracespieces of elastic which go over the shoulders to hold trousers up
bracketa piece of metal or wood that holds a shelf up
braganother word for boast
braggartboaster, a vain fellow
braidto weave strips of hair or material in and out make a plait
brainthe part inside your head that sends and receives messages and thoughts and controls what your body does
brakethe part of a vehicle which stops the wheels from going round
bramblea blackberry bush
branthe skin of grains, which is separated from the flour
branchthe arm of a tree that grows out of its trunk
branda mark on something to show whose it is or who made it
brand newquite new
brandyan ardent spirit distilled from wine
brassa yellowish metal made by melting copper and zinc together
bravadoshow of courage, boast
bravenot running away from danger, even when you are afraid
brawlto murmur, quarrel noisily
brawnstrength; powerful muscle
braythe cry of a donkey
breada food made mostly from flour, and baked into a loaf
breadthhow wide or broad something is

Learning Competency

The verb shows time by changing its form. These forms are called tenses.