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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
beautifullovely; very pretty
beautygreat loveliness
beckonto make a silent signal, call by nod, make sign to
becometo grow to be something
beda soft place to sleep with blankets and a pillow. The same word is also used for a place where flowers are grown, and for the bottom of the sea
bedclothesthe covers on a bed
beddingthe contents of a bed
bedeckto adorn, deck, decorate
bedrooma room where there is a bed
bedsidethe space next to a bed
bedspreadthe top cover on a bed
beean insect with four wings and a sting. It makes honey and wax
bee-linea straight line between tow places
beecha kind of tree with smooth silver-grey bark
beechivea house for bees
beefthe meat from a cow or bull
beera strong drink made from malt
beetlean insect with four wings. The two front wings are hard, and protect the back wings when they are folded
beetroota dark red vegetable
beforeahead; in front
beforehandin advance, earlier than duetime
begto ask earnestly or humbly for something
beggarsomeone who lives by asking for money and food from others
beginto start
beginningthe start of something
behaveto act in a good or a bad way, showing good or bad behaviour
behaviourhow you act or behave; your manners
behindat the back of; to the rear of
beholdto fix the mind, look, regard with due attention
belabourto beat badly, soundly
believeto accept what someone says as the truth; to have faith
bella cup-shaped piece of metal which makes a ringing sound when struck
bellowto roar or yell loudly
bellyanother word for stomach
belongto be the property of; to be part of
belowunderneath; at a lower level
belta long strip of material, usually leather which fastens around the waist
bencha long seat, usually made of wood
bendto make something crooked or curved
beneathunder something
berryany small round juicy fruit without a stone
bertha bed or bunk in a ship or train
besidenear; next to
besidesin addition to
bestmost good
betto risk your money against someone else’s on the result of a game or race
bethinkto recollect, call to mind
betrayto give away secret information; to let someone down by breaking a promise
bettermore than good. The same word also means more clever or skilful than someone else
betweenin a space, in or withing tow

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Examples of Clipping
1.Bike (motor-bike)
2.Specs (spectacles)
3.Fax (fascimile)