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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
breakthe hard pointed part of a bird’s mouth
breakto pull apart; to damage or spoil something
breakfastthe first meal of the day
breastthe top front part of the body
breaththe air that is taken in and forced out by the lungs
breatheto take air into the body and force it out again
breedto produce young ones
breezea gentle eind
brewerya place where beer is made
bricka block of baked clay used in building
bridea woman on her wedding day
bridesmaidan unmarried woman who attends the bride on her wedding day
bridgesomething built over a road or river so that you can get across to the other side
bridlerestraint, curb, check the part of harness with which a horse is governed
briefshort, not long
brigadea group of men in uniform who work together, like a brigade of soldiers or a brigade or firemen
brightshining; giving out light
brilliantvery bright; dazzling. The same word also means very clever
brimthe upper edge of something. like the brim of a cup. The same word also means the part of a hat that sticks out all round
bringto carry something with you when you come
brinkthe edge of steep place
briskquick; lively
bristlea short stiff hair
brittleeasily breakable
broadwide; the opposite of narrow
broadbeana bean with a wide pod
broadcastto send out radio or television programs of news, music and entertainment
bronchitisan illness in the throat and chest that makes you cough a lot
bronzea reddish=brown metal made by melting copper and tin together
brooch(say broach) an ornament which can be pinned to clothing
broodto sit quietly and think about something rather anxiously. The same word also means young birds all hatched in one nest at the same time
brooka small stream
brooma brush with a long handle, for cleaning floors
brotha kind of thin soup
brothela house of ill fame, house of prostitution
brothera son of the same parents, elder
browarch of hair over eye, forehead
browna colour. Chocolate is brown
browniea junior member of the Girl Guides. The same word also means a kind of goblin who is supposed to help with housework
bruisea dark-coloured mark where the skin has been hit but not broken
bruntthe heat of battle, shock
brusha bunch of hairs on a handle, used for cleaning or painting or doing your hair
brusquerude, abrupt in manner, fluent
bubblea ball of liquid containing gas or air
bucketa container with a handle for holding or carrying water
bucklea fastening on a belt or strap
buda flower or leaf not fully open
budgeto move a little
buffaloa wild ox
buffersflat metal plates at each end of a railway carriage or engine, or at the end of a railway track. They prevent damage from bumping

Learning Competency

What are phrasal verbs?
Phrasal verbs are verbs that consist of two or three words. The first word is a verb and it is followed by an adverb or a prepositions or both.