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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
tipthe thin end of something, usually pointed. The same word also means to overturn or tilt something
tiptoeto walk on the tips of your toes very quietly
tireto become tired; to bore or make someone tired
tiredwhen you are tired you have the feeling that you want to rest or go to sleep
tissueany woven stuff, a textile fabric, a fabrication
tita small prettily-coloured wild bird
titlethe name of something, such as a book, a song or a play. The same word also means a word in front of someone’s name such as Sir, Lord, Doctor, or Captain
toadan animal that looks like a frog which has a rough, lumpy skin. It usually lives on land
toadstoola poisonous plant shaped like a mushroom
toastbread which is made brown and crisp by heating it
tobaccoa plant with large leaves which are dried, cut up and used for smoking in cigarettes, cigars or a pipe
todayon this day
toddleto walk with short wobbly steps like a very young child
toea part of your foot. You have five toes on each foot
toffeea sweet sticky food made from sugar and butter
togetherbeing with
toilto work very hard, with great effort
toiletwashing, dressing and doing your hair. The same word also means a lavatory
tokena mark, sign, indication
tomba place where someone is buried, either in the ground or in a stone box above the ground
tomboya girl who behaves like a boy and enjoys playing boy’s games
tomoatoa soft round red fruit, often used as a vegetable or in salads
tomorrowthe day after today
tona measurement of weight. One ton is equal to 2,240 pounds
tonea sound, usually musical. The word also means used to describe the way a person’s voice sounds, such as a harsh or a sweet tone of voice
tongsa tool with two pieces of metal like pincers for holding and lifting things
tonguethe thick soft part inside your mouth that moves when you talk and with which you taste things
tonica medicine that gives tone to the system
tonightthis night
tonsilone of two little round pieces of flesh at the back of your mouth. sometimes they have to be taken out if they become unhealthy
tooas well; also
toolany instrument that helps people to do work. Hammers and shovels are tools
toothone of the white bones in your mouth that you use to bite with
toothbrusha small long-handled brush which you use to clean your teeth
tootheachea pain in your teeth
toothpastea paste which you squeeze from a tube on to a toothbrush and use to clean your teeth
topthe highest part of something. The same word also means a spinning toy
topicany subject people choose to speak, write or argue about
torcha light which you can carry about, like an electric torch or a stick which is flaming at one end
tormentextreme pain, torture
torpedoa long rounded bomb which is fired through or along the surface of water
torrenta very fast-moving stream or river
tortoisea slow-moving animal with a very thick shell
tortureto make someone suffer great pain, usually to make him confess or admit something
tossto throw something carelessly into the air
tota small child. The same word also means to add up
totterto walk unsteadily and shakily
touchto feel something with your fingers or with some part of your body
toughhard; strong; not easily broken
tourto travel round for pleasure from place to place, ending up where you started from

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What are idioms?
Idioms can be defined as a group of words having a meaning different from the individual meanings of each word in the group.