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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
teasera tricky question or problem
teemto be aboundant; to be full to overflowing as when a river teems with fish
teethmore than one tooth
telegrama short message which you give to the post office to send by telegraph
telegrapha way to send messages quickly by electricity
telephonean instrument that carries your voice through electric wires so that you can speak to someone far away
telescopean instrument like a tube that you look through to see things that are far away, like the stars
televisionan instrument that brings pictures and sound through the air from far away
tellto give news or say what you know about something
temperthe mood you are in. You can be in a bad temper and be cross with everyone, o in a good temper when you are nice to be with
temperatatemoderate, calm, cool, measured, sober
temperaturehow hot or cold something is. It is measured in degrees
tempesta violent storm with a very strong wind
templea building in which people pray and worship
tempohow fast or slow a piece of music has to be played
temptto try to persuade someone to do something which he ought not to do
tendto conduce, attend, guard, take care of
tendersoft; delicate. The same word also means gentle and loving
tenementan adobe, a habitation, a block of buildings
tennisa game played by two of four people. They use rackets to hit a ball back and forth over a net
tenta shelter made of a thick piece of cloth held up by strong sticks. you can camp out of doors under it
terma length of time. The school year is divided into three terms, with holidays between
terminusthe place where buses, trains or aeroplanes and their journeys
terracea raised flat area of earth: a row of houses joined together
terribledreadful, awful
terriera kind of small dog
terrificfearful, alarming. The same word can also be used to mean very great
terrifyto frighten someone very greatly
terrorto frighten someone very greatly
terrorvery great fear
testan examination to find our how much someone knows. The same word also means to find out whether something such as a car or a machine is working properly
tetherto tie an animal with a rope or chain so that it can walk around a bit, but cannot get away
textilewoven, a fabric made by weaving
texturea web; That which is woven, a fabric
thankfulgrateful; pleased
thatcha roof or covering of straw or reeds
theatrea building where plays are acted
theftthe act of stealing
thereforefor that reason
thermometeran instrument for measuring how hot or cold something is
thickwide or deep; the opposite of thin
thicketshrubs and trees growing closely together
thiefsomeone who steals
thighthe thick part of your leg above the knee
thimblea metal or plastic cover for the top of your finger. It keeps the needle from hurting you when you are sewing
thinnot wide or fat; the opposite of thick
thingan object which is not named
thinkto use your mind to help you do things better: to have ideas
thirdnext after second; one of three

Learning Competency

Examples of Blending
1.Manimal (man + animal)
2.Hi-tech (high + technology)
3.Brunch (breakfast + lunch)