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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
thirstywanting to drink
thistlea plant with a prickly stem and leaves. It grows wild and usually has purple flowers
thoroughcomplete; very careful
thouan old-fashioned word for you
thoughtan idea; something that is in your mind
thoughtfulthinking deeply: thinking of what others would like
thrashto beat
threada very thin, very long piece of material used in sewing
threatento warn someone that you are going to punish or harm him
three-wheelera vehicle that runs on three wheels
threshto beat out grain from its covering. Sometimes the word is spelled thrash
thresholda door, sill, entrance, outset
thrilla feeling of excitement
throatthe inside of the front of your neck which contains the gullet and the windpipe
throbto quiver; to feel your heart beating strongly, as when you have been running very fast
thronea special chair for a king or queen on ceremonial occasions
throttleto choke or strangle. The same word also means the fuel-control of a car engine
throughfrom one end to the other
throughoutin every part
throwto release something like a ball or a stone out of your hand and into the air with some force
thrusha wild songbird with a brown and white speckled breast
thrustto push with great force; to stab
thuda heavy bumping sound when something falls to the ground
thumbthe short thick finger on your hand
thumpto hit with a heavy blow, usually using your fist
thunderthe loud noise which you hear during a storm after a flash of lightning
thustherefore; in this way
ticka soft clicking noise such as a clock makes. The same word also means a mark to show that something is correct, like this
ticketa small piece of paper or cardboard which you get when you pay to ride on a public vehicle, or go to a show
ticklea funny feeling on your skin which makes you want to scratch. Sometime it can make you laugh when someone tickles you
tidethe coming in and going out of the sea
tidyneat; in order; not in a mess
tieto make a knot with string or ribbon. The same word also means a narrow piece of cloth worn around the neck
tigera dangerous wild animal like a very large cat, it has a striped fur, and lives mostly in India
tightclose fitting; closely packed; the opposite of loose
tightento make something tight or tighter
tilea flattish piece of baked clay which is used for roofs and sometimes for floors
tillup to a certain time. The same word also means a special drawer where a shopkeeper keeps his money
tillagecultivation, agriculture
tiltto lean to one side
timberwood which is going to be made into something or used for building
timeseconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years
timideasily frightened; the opposite of brave
tina silver metal. The same word also means a container made of tin
tinglea prickly feeling
tinkera man who mends pots and pans
tinklea small ringing sound
tinsellong strips of silvery sparkling material which are used to decorate Christmas trees
tinyvery, very small

Learning Competency

Modal auxiliaries are used for
1.Probability - will ought
2.Possibility - can, could, may, might