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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
tnot hard, rough or loud
taba small flap or loop, usually on a piece of clothing
tablea piece of furniture with legs and a flat top. The same word also means a set of facts or figures arranged in columns
tableaua picture, striking group of dramatic sence
tableclotha large piece of material used to cover a table
tableta small, flat piece of something, like stone, soap and some kinds of medicine
tacitsilent, unspoken
tacka short nail with a wide flat head. The same word also means to sew something together with long loose stitches
tackleto use all your strength to try to do something. The same word also means the equipment for doing something, such as fishing tackle
tadpolea frog when it is very young, before its legs develop
taffetaa kind of stiff shiny cloth used for making dresses
taga label. The same word also means a children&resquo;s game in which one person chases and tries to touch another
tailthe part that comes out at the end of anything, like the tail of an animal, a kite or an aeroplane
tailora man who makes clothes, such as suits, overcoats, skirts and trousers
taketo get hold: or to carry away
taleanother word for a story
talkto speak or say something
talkativefond of talking, talking too much
tallvery high
tambourinea small thin drum which you tap with your hand. It has small metal discs around the edge which make a tinkling sound when you shake it
tamenot wild; able to live with human beings as pets, like tame rabbits
tamperto meddle or interfere with something
tanthe brown colour of your skin when you have been out in the sun for a long time. The same word also means to make animal hide in to leather
tangiblereal, actual, evident
tangledall twisted up in knots, like hair that has not been combed
tanka special heavy car made of iron and steel, with big guns in it. The same word also means a large metal or glass container for water and other liquids
tankera ship that carries oil or other liquids
tapto hit something lightly. The same word also means a kind of handle that you turn off and on to control the flow of something from a pipe, like gas and water
tapea narrow strip of something such as strong cloth, plastic or sticky paper used to tie or fasten things together
tape recordera machine that takes down and plays back sounds on a special kind of tape
tara thick black liquid which comes form wood and coal. Tar is used in making roads
tardylate; slow
targetsomething you aim at in shooting
tarmaca kind of surface found on most roads, made with tar. The word is short for tarmacadam
tarta piece of pastry with jam or fruit in it
tartana woollen material, especially worn in Scotland. It has a coloured check pattern, and some Scottish families have their own special colours and patterns
taska job; an amount of work that you have to do
tassela number of thread all tied in a knot a the top. Tassels are used to decorate clothing or furniture.
tasteto put a bit of food in your mouth or sip a drink to see if you like it or not
taxmoney paid to the government to help them pay for things everyone uses, such as roads, bridges, schools, hospitals and medicine
taxia car that you pay to ride in
teaa hot drink made by pouring boiling water on to the dried leaves of the tea plant
tea setcups and saucers, plates and a teapot which all have the same pattern
teachto show someone how to do something; to give lessons
teachersomeone who helps you to learn things
teama group of people all helping each other in a job or game
teapota special pot to make tea in. It has a handle and a spout
tear(rhymes with spare) to pull apart; to rip
tear(rhymes with spear) one of the drops of water that come from your eyes when you are sad or hurt
teaseto annoy someone by making fun of him

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Phrasal verbs are verbs that consist of two or three words. The first word is a verb and it is followed by an adverb or a prepositions or both.