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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
trickleto flow in a very small stream
tricyclea three-wheeled cycle
triflesomething small and unimportant. The same word also means a sweet food made of sponge cake, cream or custard, and jelly
triggerthe little lever which is pulled to fire a gun
trimto make something neat, often by cutting off rough edges and loose threads. The same word also means to decorate a piece of clothing by adding lace, ribbons or some other pretty trimming
tripa short journey. The same word also means to stumble or fall as a result of catching your foot on something
trolleya set of trays on wheels; a small hand-cart
trotto run, but not as fast as you can
troubleanything which annoys or causes worry or unhappiness
troublesomecausing trouble or difficulty
trougha long narrow container which covers from your waist to your ankles, fitting around each leg separately
trouta kind of fish which lives in fresh water and is very good to eat
trowela little spade with a curved blade. It is used in the garden for turning over earth and digging up small plants
trucka big open vehicle for carrying heavy things from place to place
trudgeto walk along wearily, with heavy footsteps
truereal; correct
trumpeta musical instrument that you blow into
trunkthe thick stem of a tree. The same word also means an elephant’s nose, or a big box for sending clothes in
trustto believe that someone is honest, or that you will not be tricked
truthwhatever is true and has really happened
tryto test to see if something works: to do the best you can
tryingannoying; rather naughty
tuban open container for washing in or for holding liquids
tubea long thin hollow piece of metal, wood or other material. The same word also means a container from which you squeeze out the contents, such as tooth paste. Tube is also another word for an underground railway
tuckto roll or fold up. The same word also means chocolates and sweets
tufta small bunch of grass, hair or feathers, growing closely together
tugto pull hard at someone or something
tug of wara game in which a team pulls one each end of the same rope. Each team tries to pull the other team over a line
tugboata small but powerful ship which tows larger ships
tulipa brightly-coloured flower with a few large leaves. It grows from a bulb
tumbleto fall over suddenly
tumblera plain drinking glass with no stem
tummya pet name for stomach
tumultuproar, high excitement, a commotion
tunea lot of musical notes played one after the other to make a pretty sound
tunica close-fitting jacket worn as part of a uniform. The same word also means a loose fitting belted garment
tuning-forka metal instrument with two prongs that give out a musical sound when you strike it
tunnela hole cut right through a hill or under the ground
turbana long piece of cloth wound round the head and worn as a hat
turbinean engine that works by force of water, steam or gas
turfthe top layer of earth with grass growing on it
turnto move your self or some object to the left or the right or all the way round
turninga road branching off a main road to the left or right
turnipthe large round root of the turnip plant which can be cooked and eaten
turpentinea kind of oil used in painting. It comes from pine trees
turreta small tower on a building. The same word also means a revolving platform on a ship or tank that has guns on it
turtlean animal with a shell, like a tortoise. It has paddle-shaped legs and lives in water
tuskon of the tow very long teeth that stick out of the mouths of some animals such as elephants
tweeda thick, rather rough woollen cloth which is often used to make suits and overcoats
twiga little branch on a tree or bush

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Phrasal verbs are verbs that consist of two or three words. The first word is a verb and it is followed by an adverb or a prepositions or both.