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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
royalto do with a king or queen
rubto move something against something else, such as rubbing polish on furniture with a cloth
rubbera material that stretches or bounces. The same word also means something that rubs away pencil marks
rubbishsomething worm out or of no value; that you throw away. The same word also means nonsense
rubya jewel, deep re in colour
ruddera piece of wood or metal at the back of a boat or aeroplane, used for steering
rudethe opposite of polite; bad-mannered. The same word sometimes means rough
ruga small floor mat or carpet. The same word also means a kind of blanket used when travelling
ruggedrough and strong
ruinto spoil or destroy; to make something useless. The same word also means an old building that is falling down
rulewhat you must or must not do. You must obey the rules at school. The same word also means a ruler for measuring
rulera straight piece of wood used for measuring things. The same word also means a man or woman who is the head of a country
ruma strong drink made from sugar cane
rumblea low-pitched, deep rolling sound, like far-away thunder
rumoursomething said about a person or events that may or may not be true
rumpusa disturbance
runto move quickly on your feet
runga piece of metal or wood used as a step in a ladder
ruralvillage-type surroundings; the opposite of urban
rushto hurry; to move quickly to get somewhere on time. The same word also means a tall kind of grass growing near water
ruska kind of dry, very crisp toast or biscuit
rusta reddish-brown coating that appears on things made of iron or steel after they have been in water or out in damp air for some time
rustlea soft whispering sound, such as is made by dry leaves rubbing together
ruta deep track made by a wheel in soft ground
ryea kind of grain

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