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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
referto mention or speak of: to look up information in a book
refereesomeone who has to see that rules are obeyed in games and sports
referenceact of referring, allusion, relation
reflectto throw back light or heat from a shiny surface
refreshmenta light snack or a drink that makes you feel better when you are tired
refrigeratora cold box or room where food is stored to keep it fresh
refugea shelter
refusalact of refusing, choice of taking or refusing
refuseto say you will not do something you are asked to do, waste matter
regardto look at. The same word also means to think well or affectionately of someone
regardto look at. The same word also means to think well or affectionately of someone
registera written list of names or things kept for a special purpose
regretto feel sorry about something
regularusual; always happening at the same time
rehearseto practise for a performance
reignthe period of time that king or queen rules
reindeera kind of large deer that lives in very cold places
reinsleather straps used to guide a horse
rejoiceto feel full of joy; very happy
rejoinderan answer to a reply
relationsomeone who is connected with your family, like a cousin or an aunt
relativeanother word for relation
relaxto rest and take it easy
releaseto let go; to set free
relentto become less angry with someone; to forgive
reliableable to be trusted
reliancedependence, Trust, confidence
relieveto give help, to reduce a pain or worry. The same word also means to take over work or duty from someone else
religiona belief in God or gods
religiousbelieving in and worshipping God or gods
relyto trust or depend on
remainto stay behind or to be left
remainderthe part left over; the rest of
remandto call or send back to jail
remarksomething someone says
remarkableunusual, extraordinary
remedythat which cures a disease, To cure, redress, repair
rememberto keep something in your mind always or bring something back into your mind; the opposite of forget
remindto make someone remember something
removeto take away or take off
rentthe money you pay for the use or something you do not own, such as a house or machine
repairto mend; to put right
repeatto say or do over again
repentto be sorry for something you have said or done; to regret
repentancesorrow for sin, contrition, penitence
replaceto put back
replyto answer
reportto write or tell about something that has happened. The same word also means the noise when a gun is fired
representto speak or act for someone or something else
repressto press back, check, quell

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What are idioms?
Idioms can be defined as a group of words having a meaning different from the individual meanings of each word in the group.