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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
rattlethe noise you hear when you shake hard things together
rattlesnakea poisonous snake with rattling bony rings on its tail
ravageto lay waste, to pillage
rawnot cooked
raya thin line of light, like a sunbeam
rayona man-made silky material. Dresses, blouses, ties and other clothes are often made of rayon
razora very sharp instrument, used to shave heir off
reachto stretch out far enough to touch or get hold of something. The same word also means to get to a place; to arrive
reactto act reciprocally against each other
readto understand printed or written words
readyable to do something at once; prepared
reagenta substance employed chemically to detect the presence of the other bodies
realtrue; not made up or imaginary
realizeto understand clearly
reallywithout question; in fact
realma region, sphere, the dominions of a sovereign
reapto cut and gather in crops of grain
rearthe back part
reasonwhy something is done or said; an explanation
reasonablesensible; fair; good enough
rebelto go against someone in authority
rebellionact of rebelling, an armed rising against a government
rebuketo reprove sharply (n) reproof
recallto call or bring back, to revive in memory
receipta written or printed note that proves you have paid for something
receiveto take something that is given or sent to you
recenthappening a short time ago
receptionact or manner of receiving, welcome
recessa place set back in a wall. The same word also means a short rest from work or lessons
recipe(say ressipee) information that tells you how to cook something and what to put in it
reciteto say something aloud that you have learned by heart, like reciting a poem
recklesscareless; not thinking or caring about what could happen
reckonto count or add up. The same word sometime means to suppose or consider
recognizeto know something because you have seen it before
reconcileto make friendly again, to adjust or settle
recorda disc played on a gramophone. The same word also means a written account of something that has happened and also the best someone has ever done, like the fastest time for a race
record-playeran instrument for playing gramophone records; the usual word for a gramophone worked by electricity
recorderan instrument you blow into to make musical sounds
recoverto find or get something back, which you have lost. The same word also means to get better after being ill
recreationsomething people like to do in their spare time, such as sport or gardening
rectanglea shape with four sides and four right angles
rectifyto correct, to refine by repeated distillation
recurto happen again
reda bright colour. Fire engines are usually red
redeemto buy back, to ransom, to save
reduceto make something smaller or less in quantity
reeda tall stiff grass that grows in or near water. Reeds are usually hollow
reefa line of rocks lying just under the water, so that the waves break over it
reekto small very strongly and usually unpleasantly
reela lively dance. The same word also means a circular piece of wood or metal on which wire, thread or string is wound

Learning Competency

Non-defining relative clause
Non-defining relative clauses are placed after nouns which are definite already.
The adjective clause which does not define the noun before it but gives additional information about the noun is called the non-defining relative clause.