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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
right anglean angle of 90 degrees. The corners of a square are all right angles
rimthe outside edge of something round, like the rim of a wheel
rindoutward coat of trees fruit
ringa circle. Some rings are made of gold or silver and pretty stones, to be worn on your fingers. The same word also means the sound of a bell
ring-mastera man who announces the acts in a circus
rinka large circle or square of ice that you can skate on
rinseto take soap away by washing in clear water
riota noisy disturbance by a lot of people, often dangerous and violent
ripto tear something
ripeready to eat
ripplea small wave or movement on the surface of water
riseto move upward; to go higher
riska chance that you may lose something or be harmed in some way
rivalone who pursues the same object as another, a competitor, to compete with
rivera large amount of water that flows across the land into a lake or sea
roada hard level surface with no trees or buildings in the way, so that vehicles can get from one place to another
roamto wander about
roara loud deep noise made by big animals like lions and tigers when they are angry
roastto cook meat in an oven
robto take something that is not yours; to steal by force
robbersomeone who steals by force
robea long garment that covers you down to your ankles
robina small wild bird with a red breast and brown and grey feathers
rocka large piece of stone. The same word also means to move back and forth or from side to side
roda long thin stick or bar, usually of wood or metal
roguea person who is dishonest; a cheat
rolea part represented by an actor, any conspicuous part of function
rollto move along by turning over and over. The same word also means a kind of bread
rollera machine which rolls to move along, or to make things flat and smooth. The same word also means a hair curler
roller-skatesskates with wheels
rolling-pina tube-shaped piece of wood or metal used to flatten dough or pastry before it is cooked
roofthe covering on the top of a building or car
rooka black bird like a crow. It has a hoarse loud cry
rooma part of the inside of a house such as a bedroom or kitcheen
roosteran adult male chicken; a cock
rootthe part of a plant or tree that grows underground
ropevery thick string. It is used to tie heavy things together
rosea beautiful sweet-smelling flower with a prickly stem
rosypinky-red colour
rotto go bad or decay
rottenbad, spoiled. Apples go rotten if they are kept too long.
roughnot smooth; bumpy
roundcurved like a circle
roundabouta machine at the fair which you can ride on as it goes round and round. The same word also means a circle where roads meet
rouseto awaken or to stir up somebody’s feelings
route(say root) the exact way you go to get from one place to another
roveto roam or wander about
roversomeone who does not stay in one home for very long, but wanders from place to place
row(rhymes with no) a line of things or people. The same word also means to move a boat through water, using oars
row(rhymes with now) a noisy quarrel or fight

Learning Competency

Examples of back formation
1.Baby-sit (baby-sitter)
2.Gyre (gyroscope)
3.Edit (editor)