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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
rabbita small furry animal with long ears. Some rabbits are kept in hutches as pets, but wild rabbits dig holes in the ground to live in
raceto move very quickly to get to a place before someone else does. The same word also means a large group of people having a similar appearance, especially the same skin colour. Europeans, Africans and Chines all belong to different races
racetrackthe path or course where a race is run
racka framework to keep things on, such as a hat rack
racketa bat with a network of strings used in playing tennis and other games. Sometimes the word is spelled racquet. The same word also means a loud noise
radara method of finding the position of an object (ship, aircraft) by reflection of radiowaves
radiancebrightness shooting in rays, splendour, brilliancy
radiantbright; sending out rays of heat or light. The same word also means showing joy
radiateto send out rays of heat or light: to spread out in many directions from a centre
radiatora set of pipes or other apparatus used to heat a room by electricity, hot water or steam. The same word also means the part of a car that holds water to keep the engine from getting too hot
radiculoussilly; foolish; laughable
radioan instrument that brings broadcast music and other people’s voices through the air from far away
radishthe small red and white root of a plant, used in salads
radiusa straight line from the centre of a circle to its outer edge
raftfloating logs or boards fastened together
raga piece of cloth that is old and often full of holes
ragegreat anger; fury
raida quick surprise attack
raila wooden or metal bar used as part of a fence: a long metal bar which is used to make a railway track
railinga fence of posts and rails
railwayvery long parallel bars of metal that make a road or track fro trains to run on
raindrops of water that fall out of the clouds
rainbowa beautifully-coloured arch that you can se in the sky when the sun shines through rain
raincoata coat made of rubber or some other material that does not let the rain through
rainfallthe amount of rain that falls in a certain period of time
raiseto lift up. The same word also means to collect, as when you raise money for charity. It means to grow or breed something, like plants or animals
raisina dried grape used in cakes and puddings
rakea garden tool with a long handle and metal teeth
rama male sheep. The same word also means to push hard or crash into something
rambleto stroll about for pleasure. The same word also means a long walk in the country
ramparta mound of earth round a place, a defence
rancha very big farm where large numbers of cattle, horses or sheep are raised
rangera man who is paid to look after a forest or large area of land
rankthe position of a soldier, sailor or airman in the armed forces. The same word also means a row or line of things or people
ransackto search through something in a rather rough and untidy way
ransoma sum of money paid for the safe return of someone who has been captured or kidnapped
rapto hit sharply
rapidquick; speedy
rapidsa rocky, steep part of a river where the water flows very quickly
rapiera long thin sword
rareunusual; valuable
rascala dishonest person; who makes mischief or who cannot be trusted
raseto graze, to erase
rashan outbreak of red spots on the skin. The same word also means acting hastily, without careful thought
raspberrya small soft red fruit with lots of seeds
ratan animal like a large mouse, with long sharp teeth
ratehow fast something happens. The same word also means how much you pay for something
rathersomewhat; to some extent
ratiorelation or proportion, rate
rationa share or portion. When there is not enough food to go round, everyone is allowed the same ration, so that everyone has a fair share

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Examples of back formation
1.Baby-sit (baby-sitter)
2.Gyre (gyroscope)
3.Edit (editor)