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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
prosperousflourishing, fortunate, thriving, successful
protectto guard or defend
protestto object to something; to disagree
proudhaving a feeling of pride; pleased that you are good at something
proveto show that what is said is true
provideto supply; to give what is needed
prowlto move about silently and secretly
pryto peer into or try to find out about things that do not concern you
puba place where beer and other drinks are sold. The word is short for public house
publicopen to or belonging to everyone; the opposite of private
puddingany soft, sweet food eaten at the end of a meal. Some puddings are made with meat, and eaten as the main part of a meal
puddlea small pool of water, usually left in the road after it has been raining
puffto blow air or smoke out of the mouth. The same word also means a soft piece of material used to put powder on the skin
puffina sea bird with a short thick beak
pullto get hold of something and bring it towards you
pulleya wheel with a hollow rim. You put a rope around the rim and pull on it to lift heavy things
pullovera knitted garment with sleeves
pumpa machine used to get water from a well. The same word also means the machine you use to put air into tyres
pumpkina large yellow-or orange-coloured fruit that grows on a vine on the ground
punchto hit hard, usually with your fists
punctualon time; not late
punctuateto divide writing into phrases or sentences by using special marks, such as a full-stop (.), question mark (?) or comma (,)
punctureto make a hole in something
punishto make someone suffer or pay for doing something wrong
pupila person who is taught by a teacher. The same word also means the round dark circle in the middle of your eye through which you see
puppeta doll which can be moved by pulling strings or putting your hand inside it
puppya young dog
purchaseto buy something
pureclean; without fault
purla knitting stitch, the opposite to plain stitch
purnishmentsomething that makes a person suffer or pay for wrong-doing
purplea colour made by mixing red and blue
purposesomething you plan to do
purrthe sound a cat makes when it is happy
pursea small bag to keep money in
pursueto go after, to follow
pushto move something away from you without lifting it
pushchaira small chair on wheels, for a young child to ride in
putto place something
puzzlea kind of game or question. You have to think very hard to get the answer
pygmyone of a tribe of very small people who live in the jungles of some hot countries. The word can also be spelled pigmy
pyjamasa sleeping suit
pylona metal tower or mast that holds up electric cables
pyramida solid shape with flat triangular sides, usually on a square base
pythona large dangerous snake that can kill people by squeezing them in its coils

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