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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
penaliseto punish in finances
penaltya punishment for breaking a rule
pencemore than one penny
pencila thin tool for writing and drawing. It is made of wood with a stick of black or coloured material in the middle
penduluma weight on the end of a rod that swings from side to side as in a clock
penguina web-footed swimming bird that lives near the South pole. It has short legs and wings but cannot fly
penknifea small knife that you can carry in your pocket
penneya piece of money
peoplemen, women, boys and girls
peppera spicy powder used to flavour food. It tastes hot, and can make you sneeze if you breathe it in. The same word also means a bright green or red vegetable that grows in hot countries
pepperminta green plant used for flavouring sauces, drinks and sweets
perchsomething a bird sits or stands on, like a stick or twig
percussionall those musical instruments, such as a drum or cymbals, that are banged or struck without any faults or mistakes
perfectto do or act; to play a part on the stage or to play a musical instrument
performan act: a play or other entertainment
perishlong-lasting, not ever changing. A perm, a short word for permanent wave, keeps hair curly
permanentfor a long time
permissionfreedom given to do or have something
permissiveallowing, that grants liberty or permission
permitto allow; to give permission
persistto keep on trying to do something or asking for something
persona man or woman
personalbelonging to one person
perspireto give off sweat from your skin when you are very hot
persuadeto talk someone into doing something, even if he does not want to
pestsomething or someone that makes difficulties for others; a nuisance
petan animal that is kept at home; not wild. Dogs and cats are pets
petalthe part of a flower that grows out from the middle
petrela small seabird with long wings
petrola liquid made from petroleum; used to make motor engines work
petticoata skirt worn under dresses by girls and women
pettysmall; unimportant
pewa long wooden bench with a back, for people to sit on in church
pheasanta bird, usually wild, with beautiful long tail feathers
phoneshort for telephone
photographa picture taken with a camera
photographicthe same pertaining to photography
phrasea group of words, usually part of a sentence
physicalto do with nature or with the body. Physical Education (P.E.) exercises your muscles
pianoa large musical instrument with a keyboard
pickto choose; together. The same word also means a sharp tool used to break rock or hard ground.
pickleto keep in vinegar cooked vegetables like beetroot and cucumbers
picnica meal eaten in the open air way from home
picturea drawing, painting or photograph
picturizeto draw picture or elaborate lucidly and convincingly
piefood made of pastry outside, and filled with fruit or meat
piecea part or bit of something, but not all of it, like a piece of pie. The word also means one of something, like a piece of paper
piera platform of stone, wood or metal, that reaches out over the water so that ships and boats can stop at the end of it
pierceto make a hole with something sharp

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Examples of Blending
1.Manimal (man + animal)
2.Hi-tech (high + technology)
3.Brunch (breakfast + lunch)