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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
pretencepretext, simulation, feint
pretendto make believe
prettylovely; beautiful
prevailto gain the superiority or victory, to gain over by presuasion, to have upperhand
preventto stop something from happening
previoushappening or occurring before some other event
preya bird or animal that is hunted for food by another bird of animal
pricehow much money you have to pay for something
prickto make a tiny hole with something sharp. You must be careful not to prick your finger with a needle when you are sewing
pricklea sharp point growing on the stem of a plant or on an animal. The thorns on a rosebush are prickles, and so are the stiff hairs on a hedgehog
pridea high opinion of how clever you are and how nice you look. Sometimes it means a feeling of pleasure about something you have done well
priesta man in charge of a church who leads the prayers there
primaryfirst of all
primrosea small pale yellow wildflower that is one of the earliest to bloom in spring
princethe son of a king or queen
princessthe daughter of a king or queen
printto press words and pictures on paper with a heavy machine
prisona place where people who do things against the law have to stay for a period of time
prisonersomeone who has been captured in war or who is locked up in a prison because he has done something wrong
privacyseclusion, secrecy, state of being private
privatebelonging to one person or group of people. The same word also means a soldier in the army
prizea reward for doing something well
probablelikely to happen
problema question that is difficult to answer or decide
proceedto go ahead; to go on
processiona large number of people or vehicles moving along in a line
prodto poke
produceto make; to cause; to bring into being
producersomeone who produces something especially a film or play
professiona kind of work that needs special study and training, such as the nursing profession or the teaching profession
profitgain; the money left over after you have paid all your expenses
programmea printed paper giving information about a performance
progressmovement forward or onward; improvement
prohibitto forbid or prevent
promiseto say that you will or will not do something, without fail
promptquick; at once; with no delay
prongone of the sharp spikes on a fork
pronounceto speak or sound out words
pronunciationutterance, mode of pronouncing, uttering
proofa way of showing that what is said is true
propa long piece of wood or metal that is put under something to keep it from falling down
propelto drive forward
propellerthe part of a ship or aeroplane that drives it forward
properright; as it should be
properlyin the right way
propertysomething that belongs to someone
prophecywhat someone says will happen in the future
prophesyto say what will happen in the future
proposeto suggest something, such as a plan of action or way or going about things
prosecuteto speak against someone in a court of law because he is supposed to have done something wrong

Learning Competency

What are idioms?
Idioms can be defined as a group of words having a meaning different from the individual meanings of each word in the group.