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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
porridgea cooked breakfast food made from ground-up oats
porta harbour, or a town with a harbour
portablenot bulky or heavy, that may be carried
portera man who caries your luggage. The same word also means someone who lets people in or out of a door or a gate at the entrance to a building
portiona part; a helping of food
portraita painting or drawing of a person
positivemeaning yes; absolutely sure
possesto own or to have
possessionownership, occupancy, land, estate, goods possessed
possibleable to be done or to happen
posta long piece of wood or metal, fastened in the ground so that it stands up straight. The same word also means letters and parcels sent and delivered; another word for mail
post officethe place where you buy stamps and licences. It is also the place where all letters and parcels are sorted before they are delivered
post-hastehaste or speed
postcarda piece of thin cardboard on which you can write to your friends. Most postcards have a picture on the back
postera large notice or picture that tells you about something going to happen. Some posters show you pictures or things you can buy, like food or clothes
postmana man who collects and delivers the post
postponeto put off to another time
posya small bunch of flowers
potany deep dish for cooking. The same word also means or clay containers for plants
potatoa vegetable that grows under the ground
pottersomeone who makes pots and other things out of clay. The same word also means to do things in a rather lazy way
potterycrockery, ornaments and other things made out of baked clay
poucha small bag
pounceto spring or jump; down on something suddenly
pounda measure of weight: a piece of paper money. The same word also means to hit something with very heavy blows, like pounding on a locked door
pourto make liquid run out of a container by tipping it forward
poutto close your lips and push them out to show that you are not pleased
powdervery tiny dustlike bits of something. Flour and cocoa are powders
practicesomething done over and over until you are good at it, like throwing a ball, or playing a musical instrument
practiseto do something often, so that you become good at it
prairiea large area of flat grassy land with very few trees
praiseto say very nice words about someone or something
prama four-wheeled vehicle for babies and very young children, pushed by hand. The word is short for perambulator
prayto ask God for help; to request humbly
prayerthe act of praying
preachto speak to others about being good, usually in church
preciousvery valuable; worth a lot of money
precipicea steep cliff
predictto foretell, to prophesy
prefacea short beginning to a book to explain what it is about
preferto like one thing better than another
prefixa syllable at the beginning of a word which changes its meaning. If you put un before the word pleasant it changes the meaning to not pleasant
pregnantcarrying a baby or babies not yet born
prepareto make or get something ready
presentsomething that is given to you. The same word also means at this time; now
presentlysoon, forthwith, immediately, speedily
presidentthe chief person in the government of a country that has not a king or queen. The same word also means the most important man in a club or business
pressto push against or push down. The same word also means all newspapers and magazines and the people who write what is printed in them
pressureforce or weight pushing against something

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