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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
moodhow you feel in your mind. You can be in a good mood when you are happy or in a bad mood when something has made you cross or unhappy
moora large open piece of land where nothing much grows except heather. The same word also means to fasten a boat or shop to the land
moppieces of sponge or thick cotton fastened on a long stick, used to clean floors or wash dishes
morningthe time between dawn and midday
mortara mixture of cement, sand and water used in building to make bricks stick together
mosaica pattern or picture made by arranging lots of small pieces of coloured glass or stones
mosquitoa small flying insect that bites
mossa very small green plant that looks like velvet. It grows close to the ground in damp places, especially in the woods
mothan insect rather like a butterfly, except that it only flies at night. The grubs of some small moths eat holes in your clothes
mothera woman who has a family
motora machine which makes something work or move
motorbikea kind of heavy bicycle with a motor
motorwaya special road for fast traffic
mottoa short saying which gives a rule for behaviour such as Be prepared
moulda container into which you pour liquid that will get hard, and will have the shape of the container when you turn it out. The same word also means to get up on something, like a horse or a bicycle
mounda heap of stones or earth; a small rounded hill
mountanother word for mountain. The same word also means to get up on something, like a horse or a bicycle
mountaina very high hill
mournto sorrow, lament, deplore, grieve for
mousea little animal with a long tail and sharp teeth
moustache(say mustash) the hair that grows above a man’s upper lip
mouththe opening in your face which you use for speaking and eating
moveto go, or make something go, from one place to another
movementthe act of moving
mow(rhymes with go) to cut grass or hay
mucha lot
muckdamp dirt or rubbish; manure
mudsoft wet earth
muddleto make a mess of things; to do things in a confused way
mudguarda piece of metal over the wheels of a car or bicycle to stop the mud from splashing up
muffa tube-shaped piece of fur or warm material. You put your hands in through the openings to keep them warm
muffina soft cake, toasted and eaten with butter
mufflera woolly scarf
muga large heavy cup with straight sides
mulberrya tree with berries something like raspberries. Mulberry leaves are the main food of silkworms
mulean animal whose parents are a donkey and a horse
multiplyto increase or make something a number of times larger
mumbleto speak with your mouth so nearly closed that your words are not heard clearly
mumpsa very uncomfortable illness. You have a fever, your neck swells up, and it hurts to swallow
munchto chew with a crunching sound
municipalhaving to do with a city
murderto kill someone against the law of a country, not by accident or in wartime
murderersomeone who kills another person against the law
murmura gentle soft sound that goes on and on
musclethe fleshy parts of the body that tighten and loosen to make it move
museuma place where interesting collections of things are set out for people to look at
mushrooma small plant shaped like an umbrella. It can be cooked and eaten
musicpleasing sounds that you sing or play on a musical instrument
mustto have to do something, such as going to school every day, almost a constraint
mustarda kind of browny-yellow paste, eaten with meat. It has a very strong flavour and makes your tongue feel hot

Learning Competency

Modal auxiliaries are used for
1.Probability - will ought
2.Possibility - can, could, may, might