• My Vote For Vocabulary Words
Vocabulary WordsMeanings
meetingcoming together for a purpose
meltto turn to liquid when heated. Butter melts in warm weather and so does ice
membersomeone who belongs to a team or club or some other group of people
memorythe part of our mind that remembers things
menmore than one man
mendto put something right; to repair it when it is torn or broken
mentalto do with the mind; worked out in your head and not written out
mentionto speak briefly about something
menua piece of card or paper with a list of what there is to eat in a restaurant or cafe
mercantilecommercial, trading
mercypity; forgiveness
meritto deserve something, such as a reward or punishment
mermaidan imaginary sea creature, supposed to be half woman and half fish, with a fish tail instead of legs
merryhappy; enjoying yourself
merry-go-roundanother word for roundabout
messan untidy muddle; confusion
messagecommunication sent or to be sent
messengersomeone who carries a message
metalhard materials like iron and steel. Cars and aeroplanes are mostly made of metal
meteora piece of rock travelling in space, often called a shooting star
meteran instrument for measuring a quantity of something, such as gas, water or electricity
methoda way of doing something
metrea measure of length equal to 100 centimetres
mewthe crying sound made by a cat or kitten
micemore than one mouse
microphonean instrument that picks up sounds for radio, television or tape recorders
microscopean instrument with a tube that you look through, which makes very tiny things look much larger
middaythe middle of the day between morning and afternoon
middlehalfway; in the centre
midgeta person who is very small, even when grown up
midnight12 o’clock night, the middle of the night
midstanother word for middle, when you mean in the middle of a crowd of people
mightyanother word for powerful or strong
mildnot strong or severe
milea measure of distance equal to 1.760 yards
milestonea stone or block set up to mark the miles on a road
milkthe white liquid that is used to feed babies. Most people drink cow’s milk
milkmana man who sells milk, or brings milk to your house
milla machine for grinding things like grain, coffee beans and pepper into very small pieces. The same word also means a building or factory where cloth or steel is made
millimetrea thousandth part of metre
milliona thousand times a thousand; 10,00,000; ten lakhs
millionairea very rich man who has a million pounds or more
mimicto imitate or copy someone else; usually in a mocking way
minceto chop or grind something, usually meat, into very small pieces
mincemeata mixture of chopped-up fruit, nuts, raisins and other things, cooked in pastry, usually at Christmas time
mindwhat you think with. The same word also means to be careful and think what you are doing
minelarge deep hole in the ground where men dig for coal, diamonds gold or other minerals. The same word also means belonging to me
minera man who works in a mine
mineralany substance in the earth that can be dug out and used, such as coal, metal, rock
mingleto mix with or go about with, as when you mingle with the crowd at a football match

Learning Competency

Modal auxiliaries Vs Primary auxiliaries
Primary auxiliaries are be, do, have. They are used to form tenses and to frame short answers.
Modal auxiliaries are will, would, may, might, shall, should, can, could, must, dare, need, used, ought. They are used to express moods.