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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
marksmanone who is skilful to hit a mark, one who shoots well
marmaladea kind of jam made from orange, lemons or grapefruit cooked with sugar
maroona dark brownish-red colour
marriagethe ceremony by which a man and woman become husband and wife
marryto become husband and wife
marsha piece of wet swampy land which is unsafe to walk on because your feet sink down into it
marshalan important officer in the army. In the United States, the same word also mean a sheriff
marshmallowa soft sticky white or pink sweet
marshywet; swampy
marvelto wonder, to be amazed
marvelswonderful; splendid
marzipana sweet food made of crushed almonds and sugar
masculinelike, or to do with, men or boys
mashto crush something so that it becomes soft and smooth, like mashed potatoes
maska cover to hide the face, sometimes funny, sometimes pretty and sometimes frightening
massa lump of something; a large quantity or number
massivea large and heavy
masta long pole that holds up the sails of a sailing vessel
mastersomeone who controls or commands other people
mata piece of thick material on a floor.
matcha small thin piece of wood or cardboard with a tip that makes fire. The same word also means to refer a game
matchleshaving no equal, unrivalled
matea fiend or helper; someone you often play or work with
materialwhat anything is made of
materialistone who asserts that all existence is material
mathematicsthe study of numbers, measurements and quantities
matinee(say matinay) an afternoon performance of a show
mattressthe thick soft part of the bed that you lie on
mauvea pale purple colour
maythe pink or white blossom on a hawthorn tree
maybeanother word for perhaps or possible
mayora man chosen to be leader of the town council
maypolea high pole set up on the first day of May. The pole is decorated with flowers and ribbons, and people dance around it
mazea place with lots of paths that cross and turn into each other so that it is hard to find your way out
meadowa field of grass, often made into hay and used to feed animals
mealfood eaten at certain times of the day. Breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper are all meals
meanselfish and unkind. The same word is also used for explaining a thing, such as that the word means selfish and unkind
meaningthe sense or explanation of something said or written
meanwhilethe time between two events or happenings
measlesan illness. You have a high fever an are covered in small itchy red spots
measureto find out the size or amount of anything
measurementthe size or amount of something
meatthe parts of animals that are cooked and eaten
mechanicalmachine-like. A mechanical toy is worked by machinery, not by a person
medala piece of metal like a coin or cross hanging on a ribbon. It is given as a reward for being very brave or very skilful
meddleto interfere with what someone else is trying to do
medicinesomething that you eat or drink or rub on yourself to make you feel better when you are ill
meekgentle and patient; not likely to fight back or lose your temper easily
meetto come together with someone or something

Learning Competency

Non-defining relative clause
Non-defining relative clauses are placed after nouns which are definite already.
The adjective clause which does not define the noun before it but gives additional information about the noun is called the non-defining relative clause.