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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
miniaturea small copy of anything
minornot important. The same word also means a person who is not yet an adult
minta place where coins are made. The same word also means a small garden plant used for flavouring sauces and sweets
minuteOne minute is 60 seconds, It takes 60 minutes to make an hour
miraclesomething wonderful or fortunate that you would not expect to happen
miragesomething you imagine you can see that is not really there, as when hot and thirsty travelers in the desert think they see water ahead
mirrora piece of glass with something behind it so that you can see yourself instead of seeing through the glass
misbehaveto behave badly or in a rude way
miscellaneousconsisting of several kinds
mischiefharm or damage; naughtiness
misdemeanourill behaviour
misersomeone who hoards all his money and lives in a poor way
miserablefeeling very sad and unhappy
miseryunhappiness; sorrow
misfortunebad luck; a calamity
misrulebad rule, misgovernment
missto fail to hit, catch or find something
mistvery low cloud
mistakesomething wrong, like a mistake in your sums
mistrustnot to trust or not to believe someone
misunderstandnot to understand; to mistake the meaning of something
miteanything very small. In the old days there was a very small coin called a mite. The same word also means a kind of tiny insect
mittenscoverings for the hands, like gloves, but without places for the fingers
mixto put different things together
mixturetwo or more things put together
moana long low sound made by someone in pain or sorrow
moata big ditch, usually filled with water. In olden times, castles had deep moats around them so that enemies could not get across
mobilecapable of being easily moved, changeable, fickle
mockto make fun of someone
modela copy of something like a boat or aeroplane, usually smaller than the real thing. The same word also means someone who shows off clothes or someone who stays quite still so that artists can paint or draw pictures of them
moderatefair; between bad and good
modernnowadays; at this time, not old-fashioned
moistdamp; slightly wet
moisturedampness; slight wetness
molea small animal with sharp claws, tiny eyes and dark thick fur. It digs long tunnels in the ground. The same word also means a small, dark spot on the skin
momenta very short time
momentousimportant, significant, weighty
momentumthe force possessed by a body in motion, weight
momentusimportant, significant, weighty
monarcha king, queen, emperor or empress
monasterya building where monks live
monekya small lively animal with a long tail. Monkeys live in hot countries, and are very good at climbing trees and swinging from branch to branch
moneycoins and paper bank notes
mongrela dog which is a mixture of different types
monitora pupil in a school who is given a special job to help the teacher
monka member of a religious group living n a monastery
monn shinepretence, show without substance, the light of the moon
monsteran enormous, horrible creature; a plant or animal of unusual or frightening appearance
monthabout 4 weeks. There are 12 months in a year
monumenta statue or building that is put up to make people remember someone or some event

Learning Competency

Defining relative clause
When a clause defines the noun it qualifies it is known as a defining relative clause.