• My Vote For Vocabulary Words
Vocabulary WordsMeanings
hungryfeeling you want something to eat
huntto chase after something which you want to catch
hurdlea kind of wooden fence which animals or people have to jump over in some races
hurlto throw something away from you with all your strength
hurricanea very great windstorm
hurryto move fast in order to get somewhere more quickly, or to finish what you are doing sooner
hurtto give pain
hurtleto rush or dash with great force and speed
husbanda married man
husbandmana farmer
hushto become quiet or silent
hustleto hurry; to make someone hurry along by pushing and shoving
huta small wooden house
hyacintha spring flower which has spikes of bright, sweet-smelling blossoms
hyenaa wild animal rather like a dog. It makes a high laughing sound and lives in some hot countries
hymna song which praises God

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