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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
herda group of animals kept together, such as a herd of cows
herein this place
heroa man or boy who does something brave. The same word also means the most important man in a book or play
heroinea girl or woman who does something brave. The same word also means the most important woman in a book or play
heroismgreat bravery
herringa small seafish
hesitateto pause because you are not sure what to do or to say next
hideto go where no one can see you or to put something where no one can see it. The same word also means the skin of an animal
hide-and-seeka game where one person hides and another tries to find him
hideousvery ugly; horrible
hidinga beating or whipping
hierarchyauthority in sacred things
higha long way up. Mountains are high
high handedviolent, overbearing, oppressive
highlanda mountainous region
highwaya public road
highwaymana robber on horseback who held up travelers on the road in olden days
hillpart of the ground that is higher than the rest, but lower than a mountain
hinderto delay or prevent someone from doing something
hingea joint, usually of metal. Doors are fitted with hinges so that they can be opened and shut
hintto suggest something without actually saying it in so many words, you might say to someone that it is getting late as a hint that you wish he would go home
hipone of the sides of your body just below your waist
hippopotamusa very big animal which lives in hot countries
hireto pay for the use of something for a certain length of time. You can hire a taxi, the same word also means to employ
hirelingone who is hired, a mercenary, serving for wages
hissto make a noise that sounds like s-s-s-s-s. Snake and geese make hissing sounds
historicpertaining to, connected with history
historythe study of what has happened in the world in the past
hitto knock something. The same word also means a show or a tune which is a big success
hitchto move by jerks, fasten, hook
hitherto this place, Nearer
hithertoto this time, till now, to this place or limit
hivea house for bees
hoarsehaving a rough-sounding voice, as when you have a sore throat
hoba place near the hearth where things can be kept hot
hobbleto walk with difficulty because you are lame
hobbysomething you very much like to do in your spare time, such as collecting stamps or making models
hockeya team game where you try to hit a ball into the goal with a long stick curved at one end. Sometimes the game is played on ice, with a rubber disc instead of a ball
hoea long-handled garden tool for clearing weeds and loosening the earth
hoga pig, a castrated boar
holdto have in your hand or your arms; to contain. The same word also means the part of a ship where cargo is kept
holean opening in or through something
holidaya time when you do not have to work or go to school
holinesstate or quality of being holy, moral goodness
hollowhaving a space or a hole inside; a valley
hollyhocka tall plant with many large flowers on each stalk
holstera leather case on a belt for holding a gun
holyanything specially belonging to, or to do with God
homethe place where you live
homeworkwork done at home, usually scholl work

Learning Competency

Examples of back formation
1.Baby-sit (baby-sitter)
2.Gyre (gyroscope)
3.Edit (editor)