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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
harvestthe gathering of grain and fruit
hastento hurry up
hata covering for the head
hatchto break out of the eggshell, as when baby birds and chicks are hatched
hatcheta small axe
hateto dislike someone or something very much
hatefulloathsome, malignant
haughtyfull of pride
haulto drag along; to pull
hauntto visit a place very often
haveto own or to hold
havocvery great damage, as when trees are blown down in a strong wind
hawka bird of prey that hunts small birds and animals
haydried grass used feeding animals
hazemist or thin cloud
headthe part of your body above your neck. The same word also means a person who is in charge; a chief or leader
head-dresssomething very decorative worn on the head on special occasions or as part of a constume
headlongwith the head foremost, Steep
healto make someone well again
healthhow you body feels. You have good health when you are not ill
healthywell in body and mind; free from illness
heapa pile, like a heap of dead leaves
hearto use your ears t listen to sounds
hearsayrumor, report
hearsea carriage for conveying the dead to the grave
heartthe part of your body which pumps the blood around inside you
hearththe floor of a fireplace
heatto make something hot
heatersomething that produces heat, such as an electricfire
heathan open area where nothing much grows expect small shrubs; a moor
heathena person who does not believe in God. Sometimes heathens worship idols
heathera small wild plant which has white or purple flowers. It often grows on moors and heaths
heaveto haul or lift something up with a great effort
heaventhe home of God. The same word also sometimes means the sky
heavydifficult to pick up and carry away; weighing a lot
hedgelots of bushes growing close together in a line, like fence
heelthe back of your foot. The same word also means the back part of your shoe
heighthow tall or high something is
heira man or boy who will receive money, property, or a title when the present owner dies
heiressa woman or girl who will receive money, property, or a title when the present owner dies
helicoptera kind of aircraft without wings which can go straight up or down in the air as well as along
hella place of misery
helmeta covering, usually made of metal, which protects the head. Soldiers, racing-drivers, and motorbike riders wear them
helpto make something easier for a person to do. You help your mother to wash the dishes
helpfulbeing of help
helplessnot able to help yourself or other, often because of weakness
helter-skeltera slide where you go round and round as you go down
hena mother bird
herba plant which is used for flavouring food or for medicine

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Examples of Clipping
1.Bike (motor-bike)
2.Specs (spectacles)
3.Fax (fascimile)