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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
honesttruthful; not likely to steal from others
honeya sweet food which is made by bees
honkthe loud cry of a wild goose: the noise of a motor horn
honourto show respect for someone or something
hooda loose cloth covering for the head. It is sometimes fastened to a coat or jacket
hoofthe hard part of a horse’s foot. Cattle, deer and some other animals also have hooves
hooka curved pointed piece of metal for catching, holding, or pulling things
hooligana rough noisy person who goes about the streets bullying people and damaging property
hoopa large ring made of metal or wood
hootto shout scornfully at someone. The same word also means the cry of an owl at night; the sound of a motor horn
hopto jump on one leg or move in short jumps
hopeto wish that something may happen, although you know it may not
hopefulhoping; full of hope
hopelesswithout hope; impossible
hordea crowd or mass of people
horizonthe place where the sky and earth appear to meet
hornone of the hard sharp bony parts that grow out of the heads of some animals such as cows and goats. The same word also means a musical instrument that you blow
horribledreadful; ugly and awful
horridnasty; very unpleasant
horrora very great fear or loathing
horsean animal used for riding and for pulling carts, coaches and carriages
horsebackon the back of a house
horseshoea curved iron shoe which is nailed to the bottom of a horse’s hoof
hosea long thin tube used for carrying water from a tap. The same word also means socks or stockings
hospitala place where people who are ill or hurt are looked after by doctors and nurses
hosta boy or man who has other people as his guests: an old fashioned word for innkeeper. The same word sometimes means a crowd or a large number
hostessa girl or woman who has other people as her guests
hotvery warm
hotela building with many rooms, where you pay for a bedroom and food when you are travelling
hounda hunting dog
hountersomeone who hunts wild animals or birds for food or sport
hour60 minutes
housea building to live in
houseboata large flat-bottomed boat used as a floating house
householdall the people who live in the same house
hoverto float or stay in one place in the air
howin what way
howlto make a long loud whining noise
hubthe middle of a wheel
huddlecrowded closely together, sometime to keep warm
hugto hold someone or something close to you in your arms
hugeenormous; very big
humto make a musical sound in your nose as through you are saying m-m-m-m without opening your mouth
humana man, woman or child. The same word also means having to do with people, not with other animals or plants
humblethe opposite of proud or boasting’ meek
humoristsomeone who makes you laugh at his jokes and sayings
humorousfunny; amusing
humourfun; jokes
humpa lump or large bump, often on the back of an animal, like a camel’s hump
hungera need for food

Learning Competency

Examples of back formation
1.Baby-sit (baby-sitter)
2.Gyre (gyroscope)
3.Edit (editor)