• My Vote For Vocabulary Words
Vocabulary WordsMeanings
dueowing; not paid
duela fight between two persons
dukea nobleman of high rank
dulluninteresting, not lively or sharp, with no sparkle
dumbnot able to speak
dummya model made to look like a person; something in place of the real thing
dumpto throw down or get rid or something
dumplinga lump of flour and fat cooked in a stew
dumpyshort and thick
duncea fool; someone who is slow to learn things
dungeona dark prison cell, usually under the ground
dunghilla heap of dung
duplicitydouble-dealing, deceit
duringthrough; while something is happening
duskthe part of the evening just before the sky gets really dark
dusttiny bits of powdery dirt
dustbina container for dirt and rubbish
dustera cloth used for wiping away dust
dustmana man who empties dustbins
dustpana container into which you sweep dust
dutywhat you ought to do or have to do
dwarfan animal plant, or person who is much smaller than most others or the same kind
dyecolouring powder or liquid used to change the colour of cloth or other material
dynamitea powerful exploding substance

Learning Competency

Skills involved in Note-talking
Listening and writing down the bare essentials of the talk are the two skills involved in Note - talking.